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2024-04-05 07:58:07

Getting started with Fliki - Text to Video

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

flicky text to video .

log in or sign up at flicky dot ai .

select files option from the top panel .

click on new file button .

select the language and dialect .

next , write the file's name .

select your desired aspect ratio and under start with select idea .

finally , hit submit .

in the idea box , write your idea and select the length of the video .

next , you can choose whether you want premium stock media or unique ai art images for each scene .

let's continue with ai art .

you can pick from styles like three d model , digital art , low poly , photographic , for now , let's select the cinematic style .

besides , you have the option to add ai avatars , sound effects , headings , and stickers to your video .

finally , hit submit .

flicky will create the video based on your idea .

once the video is created , you can preview the video by clicking on the play icon below the video .

to expand a scene , simply click on it once .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

now what exactly is a scene ?

in the context of your video , a scene refers to an individual section .

each scene represents a distinct portion of your video content .

alright .

so when you're working on a scene , you've got layers to play with .

first off , there's the voice over layer .

that's your main narration .

then there's the layout layer , which determines how your background is arranged on the screen .

now focus on this smaller video inside the main one .

that's the picture in picture layer .

now don't forget about the words that pop up on the screen to emphasize or explain .

this is a text layer .

and of course , there's the audio layer , which includes your uploaded audio or any cool sound effects you wanna throw in .

lastly , we have an avatar , a character representing you or your brand .

now let's quickly explore each layer .

we'll start with voice over layer .

click on the voice name to select a different voice .

filter by language , dialect , gender .

hit the speaker icon to play a sample of the voice .

once satisfied , double click on the voice to select .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

in the left panel , you can control the volume and speed of the voice over .

you can also change the visibility , position , font , size , display , color , animation , and visualization for the subtitles .

next , in the layout layer , click on the media icon to select the background for your scene .

you can either select media from our premium stock library , upload your own media , or get ai generated visuals via visual based on your instructions .

once generated , you can either click auto generate to auto generate a different visual or click use this art to use the generated visual in your scene .

in the left panel , you'll find various layout splits .

you can choose the layout that suits your needs .

the most exciting feature is auto pick media .

clicking this option will automatically select media based on the text in your scene .

now , let's explore the avatar layer .

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video content Image generated by Wilowrid

click on the avatar icon to open the avatar selection pop up .

here you can pick from a rich collection of stock avatars .

hover over the avatar to see how it interacts .

you can filter the avatars by gender as well .

you can also upload your own image or create a personalized talking avatar from a text prompt .

for now , let's continue with the already selected stock avatar .

in the left customization panel , you can customize the position , size , close-up settings , transparency , and animation of the avatar .

once satisfied , click on generate avatar video , then accept confirmation to generate your talking avatar .

like voiceover , layout , and avatar layers , you can control the settings of picture in picture , text , and audio layers from the left customization panel .

now scroll to the top .

click on the choose file button in the background audio layer to search or upload your music .

you can control the volume and speed of the background audio from the customization panel .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

finally , click download then start export to download your video in m p four format .

this video was created using flicky with the voice of celine .

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