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2023-11-15 21:30:18

A beautiful woman uses her own body as bait to get the ugly old man's treasure

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The peerless beauty .

Fujiko went to such lengths to obtain a rare treasure that she used her own body as bait , employing her seductive charms .

She enticed the eccentric old man before her secretly , she concealed a pill on her tongue .

After the old man completed the live ceremony , she intended to engage in a vow filled kiss with him , symbolizing her complete devotion to him .

Seizing this opportunity , Fujiko took control of him directly with her drug laced tongue .

She can open the door to the treasure in state of ecstasy .

Just as Fujiko was about to succeed , the long hidden Lupin triggered a bomb inside for as a master thief , he had his eyes on the precious treasure .

Lupin followed a secret passage and arrived at the topmost treasure vault only to find the unconscious old man at the entrance .

He pondered how to obtain the key from the old man's hands .

When Fujiko emerged from the shadows pointing a gun at Lupin .

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But the old man on the floor suddenly wakes up and it turns out that he is invulnerable to poison the confusion he felt just now was just to tease the beautiful woman in front of him calmly .

He released a cloud of white powder from his hand , rendering both Lupin and Fujiko unconscious .

After some time had passed , Fujiko gradually regained consciousness only to find Lupin leaning against the wall staring at her instinctively , using her seductive body .

Fujiko attempted to seduce and overpower the enigmatic thief .

Yet Lupin had already recognized her as the fem who used allure to seize treasures .

They began discussing their respective objectives .

It turns out that this is an isolated island offshore .

The old man is a cult leader named Jin .

He uses white ash to make people hallucinate and turn the whole island into his most devout followers .

Fujiko sought to obtain this powder and Lupin had the same idea making them direct rivals .

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Fujiko however , was too alluring under her deliberate seduction .

Lupin became somewhat disoriented and infatuated while he's intoxicated .

Fujiko took the opportunity to ring the alarm outside and framed Lupin for molesting her before Lupin could react .

He was taken away by the guards .

Fujiko .

The epitome of sensuality effortlessly ensnared anyone with her seductive allure .

She immediately started to seduce one of the guards .

By the following day , the island's residents had gathered .

It turns out that Jean has gathered all the congregation and he's going to execute sloop and and Fujiko in front of the public .

A guillotine descended from above staining the land crimson with fresh blood .

Finally , chin feigned a solemn posture intending to offer prayers for the deceased pair .

But then he realized it was the guard who died .

This made him yell in anger at that moment , Fujiko watched everything from a distance planning to steal the treasure from the hidden vault .

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However , she encountered the headless Lupin on the way , Fujiko was so scared that he fired a shot but Lupin took advantage of the situation and grabbed the gun cornered .

Fujiko had no way out .

Suddenly , Lupins had emerged from his clothes .

It turned out that Lupin had used a fake head to escape the execution .

Just then the guards noticed Fujiko s presence and started shooting at her .

Madly .

Lupin proposed a challenge to see who could ultimately claim the treasure .

The two of them traveled through a hail of bullets .

It was a competition that would determine the reputation of the great thief .

Fujiko disguised herself as a dancer , twisting her seductive body and performing essential dance to captivate Jin who was on the opposite side in this warm and fiery atmosphere .

Fujiko seized the opportunity and threatened Shin with her gun , forcing him to open the door to the treasure vault just as she was thinking of the good times she'd have .

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After capturing the treasure , Shin changed his attitude and started yelling at Fujiko unbeknownst to her , he had already ambushed soldiers at the end waiting for her to walk right into his trap .

Fujiko didn't just sit back and wait for her fate with graceful and agile steps .

She arrived at the entrance of the treasure vault just as she was contemplating how to enter the mechanism of the door was opened by someone else .

Fujiko goes straight into the treasure room leaving an enraged Jin screaming in her place .

Fujiko was mesmerized by the Buddhist statue in front of him .

Just then , Lupin suddenly appeared and told her that Jig had used to special white powder to create the statue , which was the most precious thing on the entire island even more valuable than gold .

Lupin had come through a secret passage .

He saw Fujiko in danger and saved her life but Fujiko didn't give up because she doesn't give up easily .

She slowly took out a lipstick and loaded it into her gun aiming it at Lupin at this moment , their love game begins .

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The police following a lead provided by Lupin arrived at the scene prepared to capture them all realizing that he had been exposed .

Sheehan prepared to destroy the evidence at the scene and activated a timed bomb .

Lupin was prepared and had placed several jet thrusters on both sides of the statue .

He flew away just like riding in an airplane .

Fujiko seized the opportunity and used a grappling hook to follow him .

She would not give up until the very end using precise marksmanship .

Fujiko directly destroyed the jet thrusters , the statue which was his value as a gold mine fell into the sea and dissolved into it .

Lupin can only smile helplessly at the site .

In order to escape from the police , he tricked the numerous followers into the sea creating chaos at the scene .

The two thieves took advantage of the situation and escaped under the beautiful sunset .

Fujiko s graceful silhouette appeared even more charming in the remaining light as she was complaining about Lupin .

She discovered a love letter from him .

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The love game between the two had just begun .


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