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2024-02-02 11:45:24

The power of silence #psychologyfacts #manipulation

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If I was standing in front of you right now , I'd lean in and say it might be hard to hear .

But by choosing to watch this , you've already fallen for a powerful manipulation tactic without even realizing it .

It's about the power of saying less to get people to want more .

Robert Green called it always say less than necessary .

And here's the kicker by just hinting at a secret , I've engaged , you made you lean in wanna know more .

That's emotional manipulation at its core .

Experts agree that this tactic is incredibly effective .

Why ?

Because curiosity is a powerful motivator .

It draws people in makes them want to fill the gaps with their imagination .

Studies reveal that effective communicators use strategic silence in over 60% of their interactions to enhance influence .

Why is this so beneficial to a manipulator ?

Simple ?

It gives them control , control over the narrative , control over the engagement and most importantly , control over the decision making process ?

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