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2024-07-09 12:15:50

7 Stupid Health Mistakes

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There are 7 stupid mistakes people make regarding their health .

Number 1 , getting the wrong advice and then accepting that advice as a fact .

You know , you go to the doctor and they might ask you about what you're taking , and you say I'm taking these vitamins .

I'm taking magnesium , etcetera .

And they're gonna just kinda go , oh , you don't need that .

You can get that from your diet .

And then you accept it as a fact .

Unfortunately , just because someone has an MD behind their name or even a PhD behind their name doesn't mean they fully evaluated all the information .

They haven't even looked at it .

They just tell you their opinion , and then you accept it .

So that would be a big mistake .

And this definitely relates to a vitamin d deficiency .

There is so much valuable information about vitamin d that's buried deep into the literature .

And if you just do a superficial look at , you know , the first 3 pages on Google , you're probably gonna find all sorts of , bias information and , oh , yeah .

Vitamin d doesn't do anything , and we get enough from our diet or the sun .

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And that is just terrible information because so many people have vitamin d resistance .

So the normal typical amounts , even if it's like 2,000 IUs , are not gonna do anything .

They'll never be able to achieve this therapeutic effect .

Number 2 , a person is depending on all their protein requirements from a protein powder , and it's not complete .

Compared to animal protein , you're not getting any vitamins or minerals or other things that are in animal meats .

Now the other thing that comes with that is when you just consume meat and you're thinking you're getting all of your proteins .

Did you realize that out of all the proteins in your body , 30% is collagen ?

There's not a lot of collagen in meat .

Now if you eat a tender steak , for example , you're only getting , like , 1 to 2% collagen .

Alright .

Number 3 , basically a problem with medicine , the whole system .

You treat the symptom .

You don't really get rid of the cause .

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Now I'm not talking about the doctors that are mending a bone from a fracture or if you go to the doctor for an infection .

I'm talking about how they treat chronic disease , you know , with certain pills .

A really good example is just blood sugar .

Right ?

So , normally , you should have a certain amount of normal blood sugar .

Even if you do eat carbs , this hormone called insulin comes in there , takes the sugar out of the blood so you can have normal blood sugars .

So , yes , that whole system of medicine is really stupid .

So the next time you're at your doctor , ask them , is there gonna be any point in this treatment program that I'm gonna come off the medication because the medication fixed it ?

Alright .

Number 4 , the hyper focus on reducing your salt content for high blood pressure .

I mean , in nutrition science , you need , like , twice as much potassium to sodium as far as the ratios .

I mean , it would probably be better if you had 4 times the potassium to the sodium .

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So instead of focusing on lowering your sodium , which is gonna create weakness and other problems , why not increase the potassium ?

And if someone really were to evaluate what potassium does to your arteries , it keeps them flexible .

Alright .

Number 5 , having this idea that unsaturated fats are somehow healthier than saturated fats .

And I'm talking about these unsaturated fats , the heart healthy unsaturated fats .

It is highly refined , and it's in pretty much every single junk food , which is called ultra processed foods .

And , yes , it might lower your cholesterol a little bit , but what about all the other damage that it can do ?

And I'm talking about , like , rusting out the inside of your arteries , creating inflammation , etcetera .

Alright .

Number 6 , this idea that red meat is junk food .

We've been eating red meat for a very long time .

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It still retains all the vitamins , the minerals , the other stuff that's in there that can help you .

And yes , there's different levels of processed meat , but to lump in the red meat with the processed meat and even , you know , state that they are both the same as far as causing cancer is stupid because red meat is 1 of the most healing things that you can consume , especially for gut health .

In fact , it was the thing to actually turn me around just within probably minutes .

I remember years ago when I was a junk food junkie , and then I just started to consume red meat for breakfast , and it was like a miracle overnight .

I just felt like the brain fog went away .

I started feeling better .

Alright .

And number 7 , reading nutrition facts .

This unfortunately is a very stupid mistake because if you actually started reading the nutrition facts , you're gonna be shocked .

It's very confusing when you focus on the nutritional facts through up here .

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All these numbers right here , I mean , it gives you some data , but you really can't tell what's going on unless you read the ingredients .

And , of course , the first 1 is sugars .

Okay ?

And , of course , they have sugars hidden as other words like high fructose corn syrup , things like that .

And that's number 1 .

And number 2 is all the seed oils like corn oil , canola , soy oil , cottonseed oil .

But number 3 , starch .

Starch is really the hidden sugar that people don't talk about .

Let's take , for example , this product right here .

If you look at the total carbohydrate and this is actually very interesting .

16 grams of carbohydrate .

Guess how much sugar is in here ?

0 .

Alright .

If we take the 16 grams of carbohydrate , which is really hidden sugars , and then we multiply it by the number of serving sizes .

This right here is 56 teaspoons of sugar and this 1 bag of Doritos .

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These refined starches act on your blood sugars worse than actual sugar , but it's classified as 0 sugars .

You see the problem ?

A person is literally gonna make stupid choices because it's omitted .

Now since we're on the topic of starches , I think , this next video on maltodextrin will blow you away .

Check it out .

It's right here .

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