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2024-04-07 07:27:48

7-Minute Morning Workout Routine For Men (Boost Your Metabolism)

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it's a huge myth that you need to have a ton of time to be able to get a really effective workout in .

and it's a huge myth that actually prevents a lot of people from exercising because they say , you know , i'm just too busy .

i don't have the time .

whether that's because of work or the holidays or whatever .

so , here we're gonna disprove that to you with this seven minute metabolic morning workout that we created for you .

so here's the promise , you do this seven minute research proven tabata based workout in your morning and you're really gonna feel like you have more energy , your metabolism is boosted and all it takes is seven minutes .

so , here's how this workout works .

there are four key moves .

we're gonna be doing push ups , burpees , air squats and mountain climbers .

and the way you're gonna do this workout is after warming up your body a little bit , you're gonna start by doing push ups .

ten seconds on , ten seconds rest .

we're gonna repeat that four times .

so , that's eighty seconds total of this one particular exercise .

then , we're gonna rest thirty seconds and move on to the next one .

so , we got here burpees .

ten seconds of burpees , ten seconds of rest .

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repeat that four times .

that's another eighty seconds .

then , we're gonna take a thirty second rest and move on to the third exercise , air squats .

ten seconds of air squats , ten seconds of rest .

repeat four times .

then finally , we're gonna want the mountain climbers ten seconds on , ten seconds off , and we're gonna rest , and then you're done with the workout .

so four cycles of each of these , and you'll find this workout is gonna get your metabolism just fired up , your heart pumping , and again , it only takes seven minutes of actual exercise .

and if you want , you can do an optional three minute cool down at the end to round that thing out for ten minutes .

and i love this workout because it proves that , you know , all you need is a five , ten feet of floor space in around seven minutes .

you can really boost your metabolism .

so in the rest of this video , i'm actually demonstrate this exact workout for you .

i'm gonna do one set of each of these .

so , ten seconds on , ten seconds off , so you see exactly how it goes .

but again , the actual flow is we're gonna do all the push ups .

all four sets of ten on , ten off .

then we're gonna move to the burpees , then to the air squats , then to the mountain climbers .

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so really simple .

the rest of this video , you're gonna watch me demo this and then you can try for yourself and you're gonna see how effective this is .

let's dive on in .

fit father project dot com .

alright .

so the seven minute metabolic workout starts off with push ups .

so again , we're gonna do ten seconds on , ten seconds off , four cycles .

for the purposes of this video , i'm only gonna demonstrate one ten on ten off .

at that point , i would just go back to ten on , ten off , ten ten on ten off .

i'd alternate four times .

but i'm gonna do one ten on ten off cycle of each exercise just to keep this video shorter .

so we start off with push ups .

i recommend with these time workouts , it's nice to have a little stopwatch , but it's definitely not necessary .

you can kinda eyeball the ten seconds in your mind and just count to ten in your head .

so , we'll start with push ups .

so , start the workout , getting down good push up position .

hands roughly shoulder width apart .

way down here , drop the butt here .

ten seconds starts now .

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good .

so i'm gonna rest here for ten seconds .

the best way to do this is just to breathe .

take about three or four deep breaths and hop right down for your second set of ten push ups .

at this point , i'll rest for another ten seconds .

go back to the push ups .

but , to keep this workout moving , we're gonna assume that i've done all my sets of push ups .

i've done ten on ten off four times .

now , we're gonna move to burpees .

so i'm on my second exercise .

i'm gonna start the burpees .

so ten seconds on ten seconds off .

just like the push ups .

here we go .

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so ten seconds of burpees now on a rest for ten seconds , which again , a couple of big deep big deep breaths .

and i'll do ten seconds of burpees again .

so purpose this , we're gonna assume i've done four cycles of burpees .

we're gonna move on to our next exercise .

alright .

so now that we've done ten seconds on , ten seconds off , four times of the burpees , we're gonna move on to the next exercise , air squats .

same deal .

ten on , ten off , four cycles .

air squats is good to take a nicely wider than shoulder width stance .

hands out in front of you .

start your timer in your head or on your wrist and we'll drop down we'll go .

ten seconds .

with these , if you wanna squat as deep and as fast as you can while still being in control .

and i wanna it's good to try to shoot for a target of getting one squat every second if possible .

good .

ten seconds .

take a couple deep breaths , three four .

i would start my next ten second here .

we're gonna do four sets there .

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assuming we're done with the air squats , we're gonna end with mountain climbers .

so mountain climbers start here on the ground .

similar to a push up position right here , hands nice and shoulder width .

feet back here , butt up , drop it down .

now , mountain climbers , we're gonna be driving our feet up like this .

just like this .

keeping that butt down .

so ten seconds on , ten seconds off starting now .

ready , set , go .

done .

at this point , i'm gonna rest for ten seconds , then i'm gonna repeat the mountain climbers three more times for four sets total .

then i'm done with the workout .

after that , it's a good idea .

take three minutes to stretch it out .

take some deep breaths .

move , open up because you just got an incredibly effective seven minute workout .

alright .

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so i hope you found this video helpful .

as you can probably see , i'm huffing and puffing from only doing a couple demos of the seven minute workout .

and the point being is i'm an in shape guy and this still kicks my butt .

so if you're out there and you're thinking that , hey , you know , you can't get a good workout in seven minutes , i dare you to try this .

it's really gonna boost your metabolism and this is something that's really good to do first thing in the morning because if we don't work out first thing in the morning and we're having trouble finding the time to work out , as the day goes on and more responsibilities happen , it's even harder to find the time .

so if you get up , you rehydrate , do this first thing in the morning , you're gonna see a lot of results and benefit .

this should be something that would be good to do , you know , ideally three , four times a week .

on monday , wednesday , friday , and maybe once on the weekend .

you'll really see some great benefit from just moving your body in terms of the blood flow , the energy and the metabolism boost .

so , i hope you found this helpful .

if you like this and you have not subscribed to the fit father project , definitely do that and also check out our free one day meal plan and our free twenty four minute fat burning workout for busy followers .

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that twenty four minute fat burning workout is amazing because it actually involves some dumbbells and some more strength training in an incredibly time efficient workout .

so , i think you're gonna love that .

i'm just happy you're here .

i'm happy you found this video and , hope you found this useful .

and , definitely hit thumbs up if you're watching on youtube .

if you're on our blog , make sure to subscribe by getting either a free one day meal plan , free twenty four minute workout .

and , i can't wait to help you live healthier and make this stuff fit into your busy schedule .

i'll talk to you very soon .

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