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2024-04-07 08:24:51

Linkin Park feat Travis Barker - Bleed It Out

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Thank you very much .

Listen .

We wanna extend our heartfelt support to all the people affected by Typhoon Haiyan .

We're so appreciative of everyone who's come together to make this night such an incredible expression of love and support for our friends in the Philippines .

And there are so many people who worked countless hours to make it possible .

Our wonderful host , striker , make some noise .

In a long time and we volunteered their services .

Bill Hartman , Brown Religion , Anna Nancy Wilson , Mike Isager , and the offspring for teaming up with us , Whitney Shower and everyone at Music For Only .

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And we wanna extend an extra special thanks to Ron Burple for his incredible , generous , and unwavering support for the event .

And we also wanna thank all of you guys who are here tonight who did an extraordinary job fundraising for the cause .

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Travis Barker .

We hope you guys had a great time today .

Thank you very much for joining us on this very special occasion .

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