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2024-07-04 16:44:36

Nuts on Keto - Best Nuts For Ketogenic Diet – Dr. Berg

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Hey , guys .

Doctor Berg here .

I had another question about what is the best nuts on a ketogenic diet .

This might surprise you .

Check this out .

What I did is I took the total carbs minus the fiber to get the net carb .

Okay ?

Then I added the fat grams next to it .

Because , ideally , if you're doing a ketogenic diet , you want more fat .

Right ?

And we want low net carbs .

So the winner look at this .

Pecans , 14 total grams , carbs minus 10 .

4 net gram carbs , 71 fat .

So pecans are the best nut to consume because it has the lowest net carb , believe it or not .

Maybe , you thought it would be macadamia nuts , but that's 7 grams .

But the advantage of the macadamia nut is it has high amounts of fat which , probably offsets some of the , small amount of , insulin response .

So anything up here is really good .

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So Brazil nuts , 6 grams , 88 grams of fat .

Walnuts give you , 6 grams of net carbs , 52 grams of fat .

And , almonds , we gotta start going up to 9 grams , which doesn't have as much fat , 45 .

And then we have pine nuts .

Pine nuts have 13 grams 92 grams of fat .

So pine nuts are really good on a ketogenic diet because it's high in fat .

It's close to the macadamia nuts .

K ?

Then we get almond butter .

Almond butter has a 21 .

Now , I just wanna let you know , this is based on cups .

Okay ?

1 cup .

You're not gonna consume a cup of any of these .

But I just wanted to give you a relative value of if you're having a small amount , of course , this is gonna be a lot less .

Okay ?

But I just want to compare , of equal magnitude of 1 nut versus another nut .

Check this out .

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Almond butter , 21 grams , a 139 grams of fat .

But look at peanut butter over here .

Peanut butter has 35 grams compared to 21 grams for almond butter .

So I would highly recommend you do almond butter and not peanut butter because this has more carbs .

They both have very similar amounts of fat .

Actually , the almond has more fat .

Then we have the pistachio , which is 21 grams of , net carb .

But again , you're gonna do small amounts .

56 grams of fat .

And then we have cashews which is the worst nut because it has 35 grams of net carb , 62 grams of fat , which is a lot lower than these other ones .

So you wanna avoid cashews .

So if you're gonna have , a nut , I would stick with pecans , or any of these up here would be good .

Small amounts .

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So hopefully we solved the mystery of what is the best nut to consume on a ketogenic diet .

Hi , guys .

Hey , listen .

I created a pretty amazing evaluation quiz down below that actually analyzes your symptoms to find the cause , the root cause of all of your symptoms , the most likely cause .

So take the quiz now and we'll send you a report .

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