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2024-07-04 16:32:58

Berries Vs. Fruits On Keto – Dr. Berg on Glycemic Index Of Fruits

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Hey , guys .

I recently had a question from someone that wanted to know if if it's okay to consume berries , why can't I have fruit ?

Okay .

Because they're so similar .

Well let's just talk about berries .

Berries actually have a pretty low glycemic index .

It's not a 100% , but it's it's on the low side .

Okay ?

But berries also have a low glycemic load , which is a little different .

So glycemic index is things that turn into sugar fast .

Glycemic load is how much carbohydrate is in that that quantity .

So in other words , carrots have a high glycemic index , but they have a low glycemic load because of all the fiber .

So it's really not gonna affect the blood sugars too much .

So these are very fibrous and they are actually very low on the glycemic load , 6.5 , when even if it was 10 or less , that would be low .

So it's well within the range .

So that's why you can consume , you know , a cup of berries a day easily .

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So if this If each 1 of these were 3 fourths of a cup , you're talking about 4 carbohydrates for blackberries .

Raspberries would be 5 carbohydrates .

Now realize your range is between 20 50 grams .

So this is well within your range .

Strawberries , 6 .

Okay .

Blueberries are 12 .

But again , the glycemic load is very low so it's not gonna be too much of a problem .

Now , let's shift to fruits .

Now , lemons of course are a 4 .

It's pretty low .

Right ?

With a sugar of 1.5 .

So lemons are not gonna be a problem at all .

But look with a peach .

A peach is 12 , but the sugars are 13 .

So fruits typically have a higher glycemic load even though they have fiber .

An apple , 25 grams of carbohydrate for a medium apple with 19 grams of sugar .

That's a lot of sugar .

Okay ?

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Banana , 27 grams of carbohydrate with 14 grams of sugar .

Pretty high , but not as high as an apple .

Grapes , 16 , grams of carbohydrate with 15 grams of sugar .

It's too high .

And this is why we don't wanna do fruits on a keto .

So we we have a couple things to look at .

We have the glycemic index .

We have the amount of carbohydrate .

We also have the amount of sugar .

And we also have to look at the glycemic load as well and how dense is that fiber and and how that affects the blood sugars .

Alright ?

Thanks for watching .

Hi , guys .

Listen .

I wanna thank you so much for your wonderful comments , and I wanna ask you if you wouldn't mind giving me your review on Google .

I put a link down below .

I'd really appreciate it .

And thank you in advance .

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