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2024-07-03 14:56:51

Top 5 Symptoms Of Eating Too Much Protein – Dr.Berg

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Alright .

So today we're gonna discuss the 5 symptoms or ways of knowing you're consuming too much protein .

Okay ?

Number 1 , foamy urine .

Okay ?

This is a situation where you have protein spilling off into the urine .

Normally , you don't have a lot of protein in the urine .

You shouldn't have anything .

Maybe just this very small amount .

So if there's protein in the urine , it could become foamy .

Now if you have protein in the urine , potentially it could be liver disease , but it could also mean you're just consuming too much protein .

Cut it back and see if it goes away .

Because your kidneys actually filter about a 180 liters of fluid every single day .

I mean , think about it .

Maybe you consume 2 liters of fluid .

Your kidneys are filtering it all day long .

So it's filtering the blood over and over and over , and only a tiny 2% of it is excreted as urine .

So there's it's very , very efficient .

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So if you have too much protein , you can overload the kidneys , overload the , liver , and it can spill off into urine .

Number 2 , gout .

Okay .

Now usually gout is a liver or kidney problem .

Okay .

But if you're adding more protein to it , you can get an incomplete protein breakdown and and generate too much uric acid and and create these gout crystals .

Number 3 , decreased appetite .

Okay .

That could be 1 of the symptoms .

Number 4 , fluid retention or edema .

You may see a little swelling or even in your ankle , some pitting edema .

You press into your ankle and it kinda leaves a dent in there .

And number 5 , fatigue .

Okay .

So these are the 5 symptoms of consuming too much protein .

Now let's say for example you're on 1 meal a day , OMAD , and you're fasting .

Okay ?

And you're eating more protein than you should .

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Well , what happens is like you have if if you're eating 1 meal a day , you have like 23 hours to fast and you have so much repair going on , you could probably get away with it very easily without creating any problem to the kidney or liver , because the benefits of that fasting are huge just for in repair in general .

So if you're just eating that 1 meal , you could do a good amount of protein , more than usual .

But typically it's good to consume a moderate amount of protein .

Not too little , not too much , just an average amount between like 3 to 6 , maybe up to 8 ounces per meal .

Okay .

Depending on your , your age , depending on your digestive system , depending how big you are .

Okay .

But this is the range that , seems to work out best .

Alright .

I'll see you in the next video .

So if you're enjoying this content , go ahead and share it with someone that could really benefit from it .

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