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2024-03-28 00:26:44

Gag order restricts Trump in 'hush money' New York trial

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former President Donald Trump this morning criticised the New York judge , who placed a gag order on him just yesterday .

He called the ruling illegal and un American .

That judge cited Trump's history of threatening and inflammatory remarks about people involved in his legal cases .

That move prevents him from commenting publicly about witnesses , prosecutors , court staff and jurors in his upcoming Criminal Hug Money trial .

That's over a payment to an adult film actor Back in 2016 .

Let's bring in CBS News Chief election campaign correspondent Robert Costa .

Now Bob , You and I had the pleasure on Monday of covering Trump's dual split screen court moment .

And this isn't the first time , though , that we've seen Trump imposed with a gag order in the past .

He just pays fines for violating them .

In your point of view , could this be effectively enforced ?

It's unlikely to be enforced .

He's an active candidate .

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Excuse me for federal office , and former President Trump has shown repeatedly that he largely ignores gag orders , believe they're an affront to his free speech rights , and there's no sign yet that his lawyers or the candidate , uh , are going to listen to this gag order in any way , though they know they can only do so much .

We saw when Trump got gag orders in the civil fraud case , or at least some direction from the judge to not speak up about certain elements of the case .

He generally abided by that .

But this is a a candidate and a client who his habit and routine is to lash out .

And we saw the same with the Eugen Carroll uh , civil trial .

That entire case was based on Trump's public remarks about her despite being found liable .

We know that tomorrow is said to be the first hearing on Trump's Georgia election interference case , the folks at home keeping track .

That's one of the six big cases Trump is facing , and the judge recently ruled the lead prosecutor on that case , Nathan Wade , should resign from the case .

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What do we expect to hear on that front tomorrow ?

Well , Mr Wade is no longer on the case .

Uh , Fannie Willis , the district attorney of Fulton County , remains on the case despite all the scrutiny about her personal conduct , and she has vowed to plough ahead here and continue to prosecute in this sweeping way .

Many people who are alleged to have taken part in a conspiracy to overturn the election result in Georgia .

This is a case to watch as much as the New York case is because now that all of the Fannie Willis , uh deliberations seems to have ebbed a bit , it's going to move forward .

And it could be a trial that takes place closer to the election .

And we know from public statements Donald Trump has made statements his legal team has made that delaying these trials is part of the strategy , especially with this election coming up in the classified documents case down in Florida , there do appear to be aspects of it tied up in delays .

What's the latest on that front ?

How long could it continue ?

And what would be the effect of the delay ?

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It's tricky for the judge , Eileen Cannon in the classified documents case , as well as Tanya Chutkan , the judge in the January 6th case .

Both of those cases playing out on the federal level .

They have to first see see if this criminal trial over hush money payments in New York finishes in a six week period .

Let's say sometime in May or June of this year .

And then at that point , with all of the different issues confronting them in their respective cases , they have to make a decision .

Will they really have a trial in the summer or even fall before the election ?

And that's a tough decision for them in terms of timing and logistics .

And , uh , that's something that really hovers on the horizon , especially on the classified records case .

As all of these issues , uh , continue to come to the fore .

Yeah .

So much happening on these fronts .

Rob a Costa from our DC bureau .

Thanks very much .

Thank you .

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