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2024-03-20 05:40:47

8 Useful Websites You May Not Know Existed! 2024

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In this edition of our useful website series , I'll show you eight sites in a variety of categories that you may not know existed .

A few of which were suggested by viewers in the comments of prior videos in this series .

Let's get started .

Quant is a European based search engine like duck , duck go and start page that is privacy focused .

They don't store or sell your information and they don't use cookies .

After doing a search , it gives the result in a layout that is very similar to Google , Bing and most other search engines at the top .

You have the familiar options to filter your results including news images , videos and if applicable shopping and maps .

So if you want a more privacy focused search engine than Google or Bing .

Quant is another one to consider .

Be funky is a photo editor that is very similar to Pixar pick monkey and the others .

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I've shown you in prior videos .

Some of our viewers in the comments said they preferred be funky to those others .

So I'll share this with all of you .

You have the option to upload one of your photos or use one of theirs I'll select one of theirs for now , along the left hand side , you'll see several tools to enhance your photo with most of these .

By selecting one of the tools you simply just have to move the slider and then select the check mark .

When you're done , you can select save to save the photo to your computer .

Be funky , Facebook , Google Drive and Dropbox .

They also have a collage maker and a designer tool with several templates .

Beef funky is free with limitations .

They also offer a premium version with additional features starting at 599 per month .

Free code camp is a nonprofit coding site for those of you that want to become computer programmers .

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Just like the many other programming sites I've mentioned in the past , the site offers lessons and several skills including HTML five javascript node dot js and many others .

And if you need help , they have a useful forum to get help from other developers .

So if you want to learn how to code for free free code camp is another great resource .

Staying in the computer programming category .

Geeks for geeks is another great resource .

There is so much to learn on this site from the basics of algorithms and data structures to programming languages along with several other categories on their site .

Before you go to an interview with the prospective company , you may want to check out their interview experiences section to find out how others fared during the interview process with many companies including Amazon , Google , Microsoft and others .

Prive notte is a site that will allow you to send messages that will self destruct after they are read .

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It's really simple to use , write your note .

The default option is to automatically destroy your note after it's been read .

If you select show options , you can change that to one hour from now all the way up to 30 days from now .

you can also create a password for you and the recipient and you can be notified by email after the note has been destroyed .

Select create note here , you can copy the link , email , the link or opt to destroy the note .

Now , priv note is free and is an easy way to send secret messages that can only be seen and read by you and your recipient jobs scan is a tool that gives job seekers an instant analysis of how well their resume is tailored for a particular job .

I'll be using the resume and job description provided by jobs scan to demonstrate .

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The first step is to paste your resume , then paste the entire job description text , then select scan , it will now go through an analysis of what is good on your resume and what can be improved .

Here .

It says the word count is too long and shows words to avoid on the resume .

As you scroll down through the page , it will give you additional information .

Drop scan does have a free plan that gives you five free scans when you initially sign up and two free scans for every month after that , for additional features including unlimited scans .

Their paid plans start at 2999 per month , highbrows , a nontraditional learning site designed for those people that have busy lives .

The lessons are five minutes long delivered over 10 days directly to your email inbox to begin select a course .

They'll provide a brief description of that course .

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And when you're ready , select start course on this page , you'll need to enter in your email and then select start this course .

After you do that , you'll now receive a new lesson in your email every day .

Over the next 10 days , only one course can be taken at a time .

Highbrow does offer a 30 day free trial to try it out after the trial ends .

Their membership fee is $10 per month .

Half of that cost goes to the teachers that created the courses last but not least is R desk founded in 1995 with its outdated looking home page is a great place to visit to find web-based resources in dozens of categories .

I've been coming to the site for years just to check out their side of the day fact of the day and other random information .

So if you're looking for additional web-based resources , check out ref desk .

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Thanks for watching links to the sites mentioned are in the description .

If this video is useful for you , give it a thumbs up and share it with others .

If you know of a website that you think would be beneficial to others , let us know about it in the comments .

And if you haven't done so already , subscribe and click the Bell .

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