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2024-04-09 09:31:51

Things You Didn't Know Are Gaslighting

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We've all heard of gaslighting , but there are a few aspects we may not recognize as gaslighting because of its subtle and insidious nature , which is why we will be discussing this today .

For those who don't know , what exactly is gaslighting ?

Well , picture this .

You're feeling pretty confident about your memory and your version of events , but then someone comes along and starts making you doubt yourself .

They twist things around , deny what you know to be true or straight up invalidate your feelings .

With that said , here are some surprising signs of gaslighting you might have missed .

Constant contradictions .

Ever had someone nod along to your story only to turn around and say that's not what happened ?

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Some people might subtly try to gaslight you either to steal the spotlight , let me tell you how I remember it , or change the narrative and make themselves but accidental or not , having someone constantly contradict you is still a subtle form of gaslighting that can leave you doubting your memory and perception .

Selective memory .

Picture this , you're going over your plans with a workmate or classmate about a project and they suddenly forget they agreed to something you both discussed yesterday .

You explain to them what happened , but still they insist you're wrong .

Frustrating .

Right ?

Gaslighters excel at selective memory , rewriting history to fit their narrative and deleting any inconvenient truths , like mistakes they made or commitments they want to get out of .

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Minimizing your feelings .

Picture this , you're upset about something , pouring your heart out , and instead of empathy , you get a dismissive , you're overreacting .

Ouch .

Gaslighters love to downplay your emotions especially if they're the reason behind it .

Making you feel like you're making a big deal out of nothing .

Being told things like it's not that serious or you're too sensitive is already a sneaky form of gas lighting because the other person is ignoring what you believe or perceive .

Like doing something bad even when you told them it's a bad idea .

They're indirectly making you feel that what you think or say is unimportant Microaggression .

Imagine you're answering in class and someone says , you're pretty good at math or science for a girl .

Or maybe you'll get praised at work only for another colleague to say , hey , you're pretty smart for someone who didn't go to college .

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What if you were walking down the street and the person came up to tell you , wow , you're so brave for wearing that outfit .

These small comments or actions might seem harmless , but they can really mess with your head over time and make you question your abilities and choices .

Microaggressions , like backhanded compliments and thinly veiled insults , are like a quiet form of gaslighting because they chip away at your confidence and make you doubt your own experiences .

It's like they're subtly telling you that you don't fit their idea of what's normal or acceptable without actually telling you .

And when you try to call them out on their insensitive behavior , they'll most likely shrug it off and say something like , that's not what I meant , or you're too sensitive .

So recognize any of these patterns of behavior in your relationships ?

Notice any other warning signs that someone is trying to make you doubt yourself ?

Share your insights in the comments down below .

Gaslighting isn't always as obvious as we think .

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It can sneak its way into our lives , leaving us feeling confused , insecure and downright frustrated .

And sometimes even the gaslighters themselves aren't aware of the harm they're causing others , but that doesn't excuse their behavior .

Remember , you deserve to feel heard , respected , and validated .

Trust yourself , trust your instincts , and never forget your worth .

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Thanks for watching .

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