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2024-04-04 18:05:58

6 Common Things Anxiety Make You Say

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did you know that over three hundred million people worldwide live with an anxiety disorder ?

this causes them to behave in a way that reflects an internal cycle of restlessness , which others can dismiss as simple overreaction or being sensitive .

let's identify six common statements that people with anxiety say so we can further understand and empathize with their experiences .

oh , i'm just being paranoid .

how often have you downplayed your anxiety just to avoid bothering others ?

having anxiety can not only cause physical symptoms , but social ones as well .

you may feel the need to stay silent about what you're going through because you think that no one will understand .

this can lead to high functioning anxiety .

high functioning anxiety is when a person remains fully functional and usually successful despite struggling with anxious feelings and thoughts .

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it's not an anxiety disorder recognized by the dsm five , but is just a tone used to describe the state .

although high functioning anxiety sounds harmless , it can deteriorate your mental health over time .

everyone's looking at me .

social anxiety is when you have an intense fear of being in social situations to the point where you continuously avoid them .

it is a common type of anxiety disorder , and it's not the same as shyness , and it certainly cannot be solved by the simple get out of your shell advice .

social anxiety is a mental health condition that can worsen over time .

social anxiety disorder is one of the most prominent psychological conditions .

it is prevalent among women , and the cases of people having the disorder continue to increase at high rates globally .

i think i'm gonna have a heart attack .

a quick internet search shows that a lot of people are worried about whether they're having an anxiety attack or a heart attack .

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this is because both their symptoms can be quite similar .

both conditions can be accompanied by shortness of breath , tightness in the chest , sweating , a pounding heartbeat , dizziness , and even physical weakness or temporary paralysis .

due to this , people might rush to the er out of panic .

if you're uncertain about seeking hospital assistance during an attack , it's more advisable to go for help .

i'll do it tomorrow .

have you ever been stressed out about a task and decided to put it off to watch netflix , but now you're stressed while watching netflix ?

continuous procrastination may not be a time management issue , but a work of anxiety .

studies show that twenty to twenty five percent of adults worldwide are chronic procrastinators .

and this issue is linked to depression , anxiety , low self esteem , adhd , and poor study habits .

having anxiety can make simple decisions difficult .

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you may worry about when to begin a task , how to do it , or even what task to start with .

the idea of doing a project can become so intimidating that you end up putting it off instead .

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i think something bad is going to happen .

a lot of people say to trust your instincts , but do you have a hard time doing that because it often leads to unnecessary worry and even paranoia ?

having anxiety can make you prone to and be upset by paranoid thoughts .

this is because you're more on edge and accustomed to negatively interpreting things .

to minimize the chances of paranoia , remember to take care of your daily needs and challenge your paranoid thoughts .

i'm so overwhelmed .

work , school , kids , chores , love , money , future .

how often have you felt bombarded by your thoughts that you don't even know what to do anymore ?

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people with unmanaged anxiety are prone to having nervous breakdowns .

the combination of pressure , stress , worries , and triggering events can cause a mental breaking point where you're not able to function well .

during a difficult time , remember that it too will pass .

we know it's difficult and we know that giving advice is easier than actually doing it .

but see how strong you are for getting through everything and being here .

you are a fighter just by living .

did you relate to any of these points ?

let us know below .

living with anxiety can negatively impact you in many ways .

please don't hesitate to reach out to a health care provider for help .

you can also click on the different levels of anxiety to know more .

thank you for watching and see you next time .

remember , you matter .

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