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Birthday Horror Story _ The Last Birthday _ Uncover the Mystery _ #horrorstories

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Sarah Thompson was excited for her 12th birthday .

Her parents had promised her the biggest party yet , and the whole class was invited .

Balloons , a clown , games , and the biggest cake she'd ever seen .

It was going to be perfect .

2 weeks before the party , Sarah found a mysterious ornate envelope in her locker at school .

It was different from the usual birthday cards she received .

Inside was a handmade invitation on aged yellowed paper written in beautiful cursive .

Dear Sarah , you are cordially invited to a special birthday celebration in your honor .

Come to 13 Willow Lane at midnight on your birthday for a night you will never forget , a friend .

Sarah was puzzled .

She didn't know anyone who lived on Willow Lane , and the invitation didn't have a sender's name .

She showed it to her best friend , Emily , who dismissed it as a prank .

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But something about the invitation intrigued Sarah .

She decided to keep it a secret from her parents .

The day of Sarah's birthday arrived , and the party was everything she had hoped for .

Her friends arrived , and the house was filled with laughter and excitement .

The clown was hilarious , the games were fun , and the cake was enormous and delicious .

But as the evening wore on , Sarah couldn't stop thinking about the invitation .

After everyone had left and her parents had gone to bed , Sarah quietly got dressed and slipped out of the house .

The night was cold , and the streets were empty .

She felt a thrill of fear and excitement as she made her way to 13 Willow Lane .

The house at 13 Willow Lane was an old abandoned mansion .

It loomed dark and foreboding against the night sky .

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Sarah hesitated at the gate , wondering if she should turn back , but her curiosity got the better of her .

She pushed the gate open and walked up the creaking steps to the front door .

As Sarah approached the door , it swung open on its own .

She stepped inside , her footsteps echoing in the empty hallway .

The interior was dimly lit by flickering candles , casting eerie shadows on the walls .

She called out , but her voice was swallowed by the darkness .

Suddenly , a figure appeared at the end of the hallway .

It was a tall , thin man dressed in an old fashioned suit .

His face was pale , almost ghostly , and his eyes seemed to gleam in the candlelight .

Welcome , Sarah , he said , his voice smooth and cold .

I've been expecting you .

Sarah felt a chill run down her spine .

Who are you ?

She asked , her voice trembling .

The man smiled .

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I am mister Blackwood , and tonight , you are the guest of honor at our special celebration .

Mister Blackwood led Sarah into a grand , dusty ballroom .

The room was filled with ghostly figures , their faces blank and expressionless .

They were dressed in old fashioned clothing , and their eyes followed her every move .

Who are they ?

Sarah whispered .

They are the guests of the party .

Mister Blackwood replied , they've been waiting for you .

The figures began to move , gliding across the floor as if they were dancing to a silent tune .

Sarah's fear grew , but she felt strangely drawn to them .

Mister Blackwood guided her to the center of the room .

It's time for the celebration to begin , he said , his voice echoing through the hall .

A massive ornate cake was wheeled into the room , covered in candles .

It looked ancient as if it had been made years ago and preserved just for this moment .

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Mister Blackwood handed Sarah a silver knife .

Make a wish , Sarah , he said .

Sarah hesitated , then took the knife and cut into the cake .

The moment the knife touched the cake , the room was filled with a deafening roar .

The guests began to chant in a language Sarah didn't understand .

The walls seemed to close in , and the air grew thick with a suffocating darkness .

In the midst of the chaos , mister Rock Blackwood leaned in close to Sarah .

What is your wish , Sarah ?

He asked , his eyes boring into hers .

Sarah's mind raced .

She wanted to be safe , to be back home with her family .

She wanted this nightmare to end .

I wish to go home , she whispered .

Mister Blackwood's smile widened .

As you wish .

The room spun around her , the chanting grew louder , and then everything went black .

Sarah awoke with a start in her own bed .

She was drenched in sweat , her heart pounding .

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The first rays of sunlight were peeking through her window .

She looked around , half expecting to see the ghostly figures from the ballroom , but everything was normal .

Had it all been a dream ?

She got up and looked at her calendar .

The date was circled , her birthday .

She had a vague , uneasy feeling , but she couldn't remember why .

Downstairs , her parents greeted her with smiles and birthday wishes .

The house was filled with decorations , and her friends were arriving for the party .

Everything seemed perfect , but Sarah couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong .

As the day went on , strange things began to happen .

Shadows moved on their own , whispers filled the air , and Sarah felt like she was being watched .

That night , as she was getting ready for bed , she noticed a strange mark on her arm , a small intricate symbol that looked like it had been burned into her skin .

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Panic set in as the memories of the previous night flooded back .

She remembered the invitation , the abandoned house , mister Blackwood , and the wish .

She realized with horror that it had all been real .

Determined to find answers , Sarah decided to go back to 13 Willow Lane .

She slipped out of the house once again and made her way to the mansion .

The house looked just as it had the night before , dark and foreboding .

The front door creaked open as she approached , and she stepped inside .

The hallway was empty , and the candles were gone .

She called out , but there was no answer .

She walked through the house , her footsteps echoing in the silence .

Suddenly , she felt a cold hand on her shoulder .

She turned around to see mister Blackwood standing behind her , his eyes gleaming in the darkness .

You came back , he said , his voice a whisper .

Why did you bring me here ?

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Sarah demanded , her voice shaking .

Mister Blackwood's expression softened .

You were chosen , Sarah .

Every year , on their 12th birthday , a child from your town is invited to the party .

It's a tradition that dates back centuries .

Sarah felt a wave of anger and fear .

I want to go home .

I don't wanna be a part of this .

Mister Blackwood nodded .

I understand .

But once you've been marked , there's no escaping it .

What do you mean ?

Sarah asked , her voice trembling .

The mark binds you to this place , mister Blackwood explained .

You are now a part of the celebration forever .

Sarah refused to accept her fate .

She turned and ran , her heart pounding in her chest .

She raced through the dark hallways , desperate to find a way out .

The ghostly figures reappeared , reaching out to her , their faces twisted in sorrow .

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She burst through the front door and out into the night .

She didn't stop running until she reached her house .

She slammed the door behind her , panting and terrified .

Her parents found her huddled in her room , clutching the mark on her arm .

They didn't understand what had happened , but they knew something was terribly wrong .

As the years went by , Sarah never forgot the night of her 12th birthday .

The mark remained on her arm , a constant reminder of her connection to the mansion at 13 Willow Lane .

She tried to live a normal life , but the shadows and whispers never left her .

She knew that she was being watched , that the guests of the party were always near , waiting for the next child to be chosen .

She vowed to find a way to break the curse and free herself from the nightmare .

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But deep down , she feared that she would never escape , that the mansion and its ghostly inhabitants would haunt her forever .

And every year on her birthday , she felt the pull of the invitation , a chilling reminder of the celebration that would never truly end .

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