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2024-02-01 23:59:21

Using Claude 2 Outside the US & UK

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� and uk and also allows it to use gpt-4 for free .

actually just one message but it's free except there's a trick .

and no it's not a vpn .

this is worth your time because claude's two context window is so large that you can interact with an entire harry potter book in one go and it's still free .

so what you want to do to access this outside of the us and uk , it's visiting this website called and then you register for a free account or use google .

and one of the standout features of po is comparing different large language models like claw 2 or gpt-4 .

all you need to do is select one of these models and as you can see right here claude instant 100k and i'm sitting in central europe and now i could go ahead and upload a document with up to 100,000 tokens .

that is 12 times as much as gpt-4 which by the way you can use for free here , but it's only one message a day .

the usage limits you can see right here , so claudeinstant100k you can use for 30 messages a day , gpt-4 one message , and they reset once a day , all for free .

enjoy .

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