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2024-07-05 10:42:55

Not Hungry on Keto, Yet Still Feeling Weak – Dr.Berg on Being Tired on Keto

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So is your appetite going away ?

You're not hunger anymore and you're on keto .

You're doing intermittent fasting , but you feel weak .

This video is for you .

1 of the best indicators to know that you're in ketosis is the hunger goes away .

You lose your appetite .

But at the same time , you should have energy .

So if you feel weak or tired , it's most likely related to nutrient deficiencies .

Now relating to weakness , it could be 3 different things .

You could have muscle weakness , which could be a deficiency of vitamin e .

Okay .

In which case you need to consume maybe some seeds , nuts , leafy greens or even take vitamin E .

But make sure if you're taking vitamin E , it's the whole complex .

So you want the decoferols and the tocotrienols .

Okay .

Together in a complex .

You don't want to get synthetic , alpha decoferal for example .

Also it could be low sodium .

Okay , because you need more sea salt when you do Keto and intermittent fasting .

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And the low sodium is probably more common than vitamin E .

So don't forget to take more salt .

At least 1 teaspoon per day .

You can just salt your food and that should do it .

You can even get , sea salt tablets .

Take them as well .

And that should handle the weakness in the muscle .

Now if you have brain fog , most likely there's an insulin resistance problem and it's taking a while for your body to adapt to ketosis , especially if you're diabetic or a pre diabetic .

A lot of people have insulin resistance and it really messes up the brain .

And it takes a while for a person to adapt .

In which case you can speed up the process by giving the brain ketones .

There could be a situation in the blood brain barrier in which you have insulin resistance .

So what determines how much ketone feeds the brain is how much ketone is in your blood .

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So if you're having a transition period that's taking a bit too long , you could just take some MCT oil to get pure ketones right into the brain real fast and handle the brain fog .

Because the machinery is already in place , you just need to bump up the ketones .

And then over time as your body adapts to ketosis because you're you're getting rid of this insulin resistance , you will need less and less of it over time .

Now vitamin d will also help brain fog as well .

There's certain parts of the brain that need vitamin d and if you're deficient it can create brain fog as well as insomnia .

Then we get to just fatigue , overall fatigue .

That is usually gonna boil down to a vitamin b 1 deficiency or a B5 deficiency .

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Now if you're watching my videos or reading my books , you already know nutritional yeast is probably the best source of your b vitamins and you can just take some and that will help you .

Another cause of a tick would be low potassium .

You need potassium to generate energy .

Now you could also need magnesium as well because magnesium actually will help increase the ATP in the mitochondria which is energy factory .

But the electrolytes in general , specifically potassium and sometimes magnesium , will help energy .

And this could be because you just don't take electrolytes .

You're not consuming enough vegetable .

Okay .

So this is why you might be weak .

Now there's another situation .

Let's say you're not in ketosis .

Okay ?

You're not doing it correct but you're trying to do it but you're not even in ketosis .

You haven't used the urine testing strips to see if you're in ketosis or even the blood test .

So a loss of appetite by itself could be a symptom of several things .

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So it could be a negative thing , especially if you're not in ketosis .

It could be a magnesium deficiency , b 12 deficiency , iron deficiency , vitamin d deficiency or an infection .

Usually viral in nature .

So a simple way to differentiate is just to get a test to see if you're in ketosis .

And if you're not , maybe you wanna check some of these things right here .

But definitely isolate which problem you have and address it based on these right here .

Thanks for watching .

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