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2024-07-06 10:12:01

6 Tricks to Speed Keto Adaptation – Dr. Berg

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Okay , guys .

We wanna talk about how to speed up this whole keto adaptation .

Now , what's happening is you're going from sugar fuel to fat fuel .

Now let's look at what's happening deep inside the cells .

Your body is running on sugar .

Okay ?

Blood sugar .

So it's dependent on mainly the stored sugar in your muscle and your liver , which you don't have a lot of , or the the diet .

So you're like , you have constantly eat to keep the sugars up .

So now what we wanna do is dependent on the fat because we have a lot more fat than we do stored sugar .

In fact , we have an average thin person has about 77 , 000 calories of stored fat .

So this is a better quality of fuel .

But in the transition phase , you might have a lowered blood sugar .

Okay ?

And this is where people get uncomfortable .

So there's some tips that you can do .

Number 1 , always combine keto with intermittent fasting at the same time .

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Don't do them separately .

They're both powerful tools and strategies to drop insulin to speed up the process .

Because if you do intermittent fasting with too much sugar , too much carb , you're gonna prolong the agony and never get into ketosis because to get into ketosis , you need to drop your carbs .

Okay ?

But intermittent fasting works because you're not eating as frequent , and you're gonna drop insulin .

So if you're just doing keto and you're doing multiple meals , realize every time you eat , you spike insulin .

And again , you're gonna it's gonna take longer to get into this adaptation where your body has cellular machines that are burning fat full time .

K ?

So you basically have to drop this way down to the point where your body is , like , looking for fuel .

It can't find it , so it's gonna go after the fat , and then it's going to if you do this correctly , it'll be , like , 3 days , maybe 4 days , and then you'll you'll be , like , 80% in ketosis .

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But sometimes it takes longer , which I'll cover in a second .

But the point is it'll happen like gradual , gradual , gradual .

Now there's gonna be a point where you're gonna be between meals where you're really , really hungry .

Okay ?

So you have to differentiate a mild hunger , which you just push through , or intense hunger , where it's , like , really severe .

In which case , we don't wanna add more stress to your body , so don't suffer through that .

Just add a small snack , which is only fat .

Don't add protein .

Add fat because protein will stimulate more insulin .

Fat will stimulate a little insulin , but not as much as protein .

Because as soon as you eat the protein , you're gonna feel better , and it's gonna crash down .

Now you're gonna be hungry again .

So do fat .

Maybe you do pecans , which is a real fatty nut , or an avocado .

But just do a little fat just to get you through the transition .

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And the other thing is if you're going from 1 meal to the next , it's very , very important to have enough fat to satisfy you .

So if you're , like , hurting and you're really suffering , make sure the next meal you add more fat .

So that's 1 thing , which is right here .

But also add more greens , more salad and vegetables because the potassium will actually heal the insulin and help stabilize the blood sugar at the cellular level .

So we need those minerals to really speed this process up .

K ?

The other thing is apple cider vinegar .

With lemon , do a tablespoon and a tablespoon of lemon and some water .

Take a straw so it doesn't bother your teeth .

Sip it down .

That will actually speed things up too .

Electrolytes with large amounts of potassium and nutritional yeast also will speed things up because that heals the the deeper root problem , which is insulin resistance .

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So basically , in the transition phase , you're really dealing with a below blood sugar situation , and what's behind that is your body has not fully adapted .

So all of these things are gonna help , So go ahead and apply it and put your comments down below .

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