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2024-07-06 11:26:15

Are Carrots Okay to Eat on Keto

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The question today is should you eat carrots on keto ?

Well , what is the glycemic index of carrots ?

Basically it's 72 .

It's high .

Now what is the glycemic index ?

It is a scale of carbohydrates and how fast that carbohydrate will raise your blood sugar .

So below 55 is low .

Above 70 is high .

Carrots , 72 is pretty high .

However , we have to look at the whole picture here because there's something else called the glycemic load , which is the amount of carbohydrates in a food .

And the glycemic load will increase on more quantity but it also takes in consideration the fiber as well .

Because if we have a lot of fiber and low carbohydrate , it's gonna definitely influence this glycemic index .

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So the calculation is this , glycemic index times the amount of carbs divided by a100 .

Less than 10 would be low .

Over 21 would be high .

So if we take 72 , which is the glycemic index times 4 grams of carbs for a medium sized carrot divided by a 100 equals 2.88 , which is very , very , very low .

I mean , it would take a lot of carrots to create any real impact .

Why is that ?

Because carrots , even though it's high in a glycemic index , has a tremendous amount of fiber .

So that is going to buffer or inhibit this glycemic reaction .

However , if you took the carrot juice out of the carrot fiber , that would be very , very high on the glycemic index because we're dealing with just pure sugar .

Because that's gonna create a huge spike in the glycemic response .

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And also there's other variables like cooking the carrots and that can also raise the glycemic index as well .

However , if you're doing raw carrots and you're not going crazy with too many , it's gonna be totally fine on keto .

You don't have to worry about it .

Alright .

Thanks for watching .

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