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2024-07-06 12:04:28

Himalayan Salt vs. Sea Salt

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I want to talk about the difference between Himalayan sea salt and just regular sea salt .

Is there a difference ?

There is .

It's a big difference .

The great majority of both of these have sodium chloride .

They both have trace minerals , but sea salt has microplastics or nano amounts of plastic .

In 1 study , it showed that 90% of all the brands that were tested had microplastics .

However , in Himalayan sea salt , 0 plastics .

Why ?

Because of the deposits that make up the Himalayan salt comes from an ancient sea before humans , before the pollution .

Now the problem with microplastics is that it gets into our system .

It creates inflammation .

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It creates a lot of problems because it can act as an endocrine disruptor and it does take a little bit of time to degrade and break down , about 500 years .

So what you need to do is limit your exposure to it .

So I do not recommend consuming sea salt unless it's Celtic sea salt or it could be pronounced Celtic .

This is okay .

This is from France .

It's cleaner .

There's probably some others that are fine too , but regular sea salt comes from the ocean which is polluted , and chances are it will have microplastics so you want to avoid that .

Now that then brings up , the question about table salt .

What about that ?

So majority of the population is just consuming table salt .

They have no idea that that too has microplastics , no trace minerals , just sodium chloride .

It's bleached some of the time .

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They even add sugar to it some of the time , and sometimes they add an anti caking agent aluminum , which is toxic to your brain .

So what I'm trying to do is increase your awareness and focus in on a healthy salt because we need salt .

We needed to make hydrochloric acid in our stomach to actually kill off microbes , help us digest protein , and assimilate minerals .

Our adrenals need a certain amount of salt .

Our immune system needs a certain amount of salt .

If we're low on salt , the risk of getting insulin resistance goes up .

Salt helps with hydration .

Also it's involved in the sodium potassium pump which is needed to power your muscles and your nerves and give us energy .

Now how much salt do we need ?

We need between 1 and 2 teaspoons depending on your activity level , how much you're sweating .

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But when you do keto , you wanna do at least 1 teaspoon if not a little bit more each day because of all the water weight that you're losing and with the water weight loss comes a loss of electrolytes as well .

Now a couple things that you can do in addition to avoiding exposure to microplastics because it's in the water from the plastic bottles that you're using and also the canned water .

It's in a lot of different things especially if you're using , microwaves with plastics and even styrofoam cups .

If you have good friendly bacteria There's been some studies that show that certain microbes in your microbiome can help break down some of these plastics .

Number 2 , consuming cruciferous food on a regular basis helps to dismantle and eliminate endocrine disruptors in general .

And also , consuming enough omega 3 has a tendency to keep your inflammation down because 1 of the problems with microplastics is inflammation .

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And so if you counter that with taking things that keep your inflammation low , you can minimize the damage to some degree .

But definitely don't consume just regular sea salt .

Go with the Himalayan salt or go with some other salts like Celtic salts that don't have microplastics .

Before you go , if you have a question about a product or you're new to keto and you wanna know how to begin keto or you're on keto and you need to debug because it's not going as smooth , I have a keto consultant standing by to help you .

This is just for the people in the US .

Hopefully , in the future , we'll be able to answer everyone's call .

But I put the number down below , so you can call and get some help .

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