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2024-02-04 07:40:24

Man with crossbow shot dead by armed police in London _ BBC News

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a man armed with a crossbow has been shot dead by armed police in southeast London .

The Met police said the man was trying to force his way into a building in the Surrey Quays area just before 5 a.m. on Tuesday and was threatening to hurt the people inside .

Live Now to south , where our news reporter Sam Harrison is at the scene and following developments .

Sam , what more do we know about what happened there ?

Well , yes , it's around 5 a.m. This morning , a man said to be in his thirties arrived on by Water Place in Rother Hi here in east London Now .

After arriving , he tried to force his way into a house along the street behind me .

He's now known to have been armed at the time as well , with a number of different weapons , including a crossbow .

Now we're then told that he managed to get into one of the properties here .

That's when police were called to the scene for the very first time .

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However , once local officers were here , they were still unable to diffuse the situation , and in response , the man threatened to harm the people that he was with inside that house .

That was what prompted the arrival of armed police officers here .

They arrived on the scene and shot the man who died after two other occupants who were also involved have received minor injuries during the incident .

It's obviously something that shocked local residents this morning .

And it's now been since been confirmed that the IO PC will launch an investigation into the events that happened here .

OK , Sam , Thank you .

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