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2024-02-04 21:57:20

POCO M5S Review & Unboxing

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Well , it looks like Poco aren't slowing down at all .

In fact , it's speeding up .

We've got the Poco M Five series now .

We just had the M 45 G and I do have the M five .

There's a separate video that reviewed that one , but this is all about the M five S .

So the M five S this one has the Helio G 95 in it .

We've got an super A moled screen 60 Hertz unfortunately .

So it's not 90 it's not one 20 but it's a very good panel .

It's flat 6.43 inches .

And my model here that was sent out to me does have six gigabytes of ra M and 100 and 28 gigabytes of storage takes danno Sims micro SD card support , 33 watt charging a 5000 milliamp hour battery and a design that looks , wow .

Super familiar , right ?

It's very similar .

A bit of deja vu .

Well , that's because it's pretty much it .

Read me .

Note 10 just with a few little tweaks and now branded as a Poco .

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So apart from that , the camera modules on the rear , well , the main camera is 64 megapixels instead of say 40 eight that we had with the note 10 .

There are a few little changes and tweaks and of course , we've got Poco launcher and their software .

I'll be going over all of that in this in depth review of the new Poco M five S included with the M five S .

You'll find a TPU case .

It's a clear one .

We get a warranty card , quick start guide and safety information .

Then a type C to type a cable and our 33 watt charger , it's not a large charger good size to it .

Now , when you look at this design , the first thing that I thought was , whoa hang on .

This is Deja Vu .

I've already reviewed this .

So this is basically the red Me Note 10 , but this part is different and it now says Poco .

So it's stating Poco and that's really about it .

But the camera instead of being 48 megapixels is now 64 .

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We still have the eight megapixel ultra wide , two megapixel for depth and another two megapixel for macro glass on the back here .

Then the front is also gorilla glass , the inc screen fingerprint reader , which by the way , uh just demonstrating now , just touched it a little bit odd just then , but it actually does work really well .

This one's reasonably quick look at that , ok .

For some reason , it's gone really slow , but it's normally a lot faster than that .

So the same OLED screen here .

Well , sorry , super a moled screen .

This is 6.43 inches Gorilla glass three on it .

But of course , we now have Android 12 MII 13 with it .

And then we still have the 13 megapixel camera in the front .

So wait wise about a 180 g and you're looking at a thickness of around about 8.5 8.5 millimeters just measuring a long here , which is not too bad , the SIM tray .

So it's one of those ones .

We will take two Nano Sims and a micro SD card , which is good .

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Then we have a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack mic type C port loudspeaker and up the top , we do have another loudspeaker secondary mic noise cancellation and used in video and yes , an IR transmitter .

So there's a lot of good things about it .

The frame around it is plastic , the buttons here , they feel good .

And that capas of always on fingerprint .

Yeah .

But again , it is essentially just like they took the Red Me not 10 and then put the Poco logo on it and made just two changes really the camera and then the chips at the hog 95 instead of the snap dragon .

What do they have the 678 in the Note 10 ?

Now let's take a look at our screen .

So it is a flat super emulated panel and it's a very nice screen of course , I've seen it before .

It's really nice , fully laminated with that gorilla glass three , uniformed color two .

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So you're gonna get no darker patches , no darker patches around where the cut out is for that 13 megapixel front facing camera .

That's the good thing about the OLED screens .

Blacks are very , very deep .

You get no light leakage coming in , none of that is present .

Now , this green , they do claim that it's going to be about , I think 700 knits the brightness , but I'm measuring around 620 .

It's very bright and it can peak in the sunlight mode when it detects it .

The ambient light is very bright to over 1000 knits and you can make it out in direct sunlight .

This is a fantastic screen .

It really is good .

So under seating set , you'll see that we've got a few options , one of which I really do like to see and that is of course anti flicker mode A K A DC dimming .

So DC dimming is there .

That's why we're seeing absolutely no banding , no flickering happening on camera .

It's a great screen .

However , it's got one thing , just one thing and that is , it is of course 60 Hertz .

All right .

So it's not a 90 Hertz screen .

Unfortunately .

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Now , if this was exactly the same , but at 90 Hertz , I would have been , wow , all over this , especially at the price point .

If you still like 60 Hertz and you like these kind of screens by all means , go for it .

I mean , you can get the poker M five but that is a 90 Hertz .

But IP S screen , it does not look as good as this , but it's a lot smoother .

The U I and you definitely do notice it .

Now , gestures are working good .

Touch response is good .

No complaints there .

Overall , it's a very nice screen .

Just 60 Hertz .

This M five S is running Android 12 with me I 13 .

Now the performance is pretty good .

Normally , it's only the Heli Helio G 95 and I'll get on to synthetic benchmark scores and gaming later on performance is good .

Scrolling here looks fine , but of course , it's not as smooth as running the U I at 90 frames per 2nd , 90 Hertz if we did have that , of course , would be really good .

So as I mentioned , those gestures are working good .

Multitasking is great .

The fingerprint unlocking as I demonstrated when we first looked at the design is occasionally just a little bit slow there .

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You can see like 12 , almost almost two seconds there .

Now , I have noticed a couple of times just a few little stutters happening too with the UI that you occasionally see some animation lag and a few times unlocking it .

You will see that little spinning icon there as it just starts to then load in my U I's launcher and it's only occasionally it seems to happen when you haven't used the phone for a while .

For example , overnight charging , you go to unlock it and it's just that a little bit of lag there , but it's not too bad .

It's just that really with the launch here , just minor things .

So we have 33 watt charging with a 5000 milliamp hour battery .

It's a very large battery now , charge time for me from 19% to 100 took 101 minutes .

Now , they do claim that it should be around about , I think it's 74 minutes .

So it's a little bit slower than that actually quite a bit slower there .

So it's not incredibly quick , but it's not too bad considering the battery capacity .

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Now , it would be great if it was around an hour or under an hour and 20 minutes shorter .

But hey , it's only 20 minutes .

So battery life very good on this .

That's because , well , it's running at 60 Hertz , not 100 and 20 Hertz and it's got that large battery capacity .

So you're looking at with a fixed battery test test .

So this is a looped test , 200 depth brightness .

It goes for a really good time here at Real World use .

You're looking around nine hours .

Ok .

So about nine hours on screen time .

Now , if this was 100 and 20 Hertz , then it would not be of course , nine hours of Real World use , it would be more like seven there .

So it does make a bit of a difference that 60 Hertz definitely uses less battery .

So we can see here performance wise , it is better than the dimensi , ok .

The dimensi 700 that's in the Poco M 45 G .

If I don't get confused here with so many different Poco models .

Now , it is a little bit better , especially the GPU performance instead of this being 70,000 points , it's 91 and gaming wise you'll see later on too is a not noticeable bit of difference .

So we've got UFS 2.2 storage and those speeds .

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Um I mean , they're not bad , they're not going to be bottlenecking or holding up this phone's performance .

It would be more the chip set that actually will be doing that limitation there .

Not really the storage , not with this kind of power anyway , that we do have .

So the audio bit rate for video is 100 and 92 kilobits per second .

This is good to see .

I'd like to see at least this or 256 or 320 that they sometimes use in their flagship models .

At least it's not 96 kilobits per second for audio , which can be a little poor there .

So there is a lot of bloatware .

I mentioned this in all of the videos of their products .

So me Y is extremely bloated to start with a 2.5 gigabytes worth , but you can go through in the system , apps , uninstall and quickly remove all of this in about , well , about two or three minutes you can get rid of everything .

So it's not too much of an issue but it's there .

And I wish they would just tone down a little bit .

Also this , if you do install applications , your own A PK files , you will probably see this .

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So they have an installer that puts ads in front of your face .

So I don't like this .

I don't like these adverts .

We're paying for this phone .

Why are you putting ads in system apps ?

This I think they need to do something about an address .

They did comment before that they were gonna tone down on it or completely remove it .

But hey , it's still there .

And here are some examples of just some of those bloatware apps that you will have when you first power it on .

So tiktok , fun tile , some games , Spotify a few other bits and pieces which may not be bloat for some people .

So I really like the fact that we've got a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack on this and the audio quality out of it does sound good using these HD Pros so loudspeaker wise .

One down the bottom here , the other at the top , uh they're of average quality and it's great that we do have dual loudspeakers .

Here is a sample at 100% volume just to give you an idea what it's gonna be like pretty good base to start with anyway .

And that's only about 30% volume and here's the X space .

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So , OK , that media tech hao G 95 game .

Well , if you're gonna be playing PUBG , this is the maximum we can set with our frame rate .

So we've got extreme and smooth .

So that's good is one of the higher frame rate settings there .

We'll take a look and see how it performs .

So the performance is good .

I like the 60 frames per second .

It is very smooth for gaming here .

And whoa , whoa , whoa , whoa .

Oh , I got really lucky there .

So you can get kills and I'm not experiencing any lags .

Now , one thing I'm noticing too when gaming is that the hog 95 really is not heating up and that's what you want .

You don't want it to get really hot and start to throttle .

That doesn't seem to be the case here .

Performance is good .

So if you do intend to play a lot of PUBG with this phone , I think it's going to be fine for that and it looks like I've got , oh , someone's shooting at me at or again , that must be another bot there .

So see if I can dispatch them .

We're on Earth Alley .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

No , behind me here .

Uh Definitely a bot .

OK .

So great for PUBG and on camera .

So this is the front facing 13 megapixel selfie cam not bad quality .

Actually , I think it's pretty good .

The colors this is indoors , the 64 megapixel mode shot up by cat there , a lot of detail captured and portrait mode here .

Two of my daughter , I think the stitching is OK , not the best there , but still a pleasant photo .

And this surprised me .

Macro shot looks really good .

Look at all that detail and the fine furs here as you can see there , ultra wide camera , a little disappointing looks a little bit washed out .

It's only eight megapixels the night mode .

Now with the main camera , it tends to do , OK if it's not complete pitch black , but later on , you can see there's a lot more noise to these photos here looks a little washed out and look at the sky while it looks like a good photo .

When you zoom in you crop in 200% .

The sky has quite a bit of noise .

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But for the price point , the set of cameras , I think they're actually reasonably good .

Let's have a look at video .

So this front facing camera you can shoot only 1080 p 30 frames per second .

There is no 1080 p 60 option .

It does however , have electronic image stabilization , audio bit rate is 100 and 92 kilobits per second .

So this video quality is a lot better than what we get with the Poco M five .

The M 55 G only has well 10 NP 30 with the rear cameras max , but it doesn't have any electronic image stabilize .

So it's a big shaky mess .

So if you need the superior cameras , definitely go for the Poco M five S model instead of the M five , this is our 64 megapixel rear sensor .

So it can shoot four K 30 frames per second .

However , at four K , we don't have electronic image stabilization .

So if you need the electronic image stabilization , you need to go then to 1080 p 30 which will give us the electronic image stabilization .

This footage does look sharp .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It's just without the stabilization , it's not really that usable unless you have a very steady hand or you plan to use a gimbal .

Now the focus that hasn't really had any issues in the time I have been testing out these cameras .

This is our ultra wide camera .

So it only allows for 1080 P video , 30 frames per second , no 30 frames , 60 option .

And as I do pan around here , you can see the quality definitely looks far inferior to what we do have with that main camera is a lot better .

So it's only an eight megapixel sensor .

And while it has its limitations here with video quality , especially around the edges and a sample of four K at night in low light , definitely not as good as daylight as you'd expect for these small sensors .

Even if it's 64 megapixels , it still is a tiny sensor .

So you cannot overlook the fact that the price that you're selling this for .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And the early bird pricing there is so much of an offer with the phone that we've got Gorilla glass three , a flat screen , Amela panel that's very bright .

But yes , of course , it's only 60 Hertz .

Now , if you want a 90 Hertz panel , you can go for the Poco five G faster smoother 90 Hertz .

However , the screen is an IP S and in comparison to this one , so using and looking at them both side by side , it definitely looks a little bit more washed out that at certain angles .

You're not getting that same viewing experience .

Definitely not compared to the A Moled here with its uniform colors , bright colors , vibrant colors .

It's , it's a good screen .

It's got DC diming two .

So you're not gonna see any flickers or anything .

You don't see flicker , of course , with an IP S panel too as well .

The build quality is superior .

It feels a little bit better round it in hand .

It's got the 64 megapixel camera that one has the 50 there's a few differences there with them and overall performance of this phone isn't bad at all .

I did point out that the fingerprint reader capacitor is on .

I'll just touch it now .

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Yes .

Yeah , it's a little slow there .

Hopefully they can speed that up with some firmware updates and the occasional little animation lags that I'm seeing , especially when you haven't used the phone for a while .

You go to unlock it .

You sometimes see that little spinning , loading the launcher icon there , which is not too great there .

So , bloatware , there's plenty of bloatware on this when you first power it on .

I wish they'd tone down on that .

And especially the advertising and system apps is another area .

So it is a decent package .

We've got the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack , micro SD card support , great battery life , 5000 milliamp hour battery .

So if you're just whether it say social media or whatsapp , things like that , like kind of use , we'll go for around about 89 hours of onscreen time gaming , around about five there too and gaming performance the hell OG 95 .

Well , it's no top dog chip sets .

No , you know , flagship level , but it's still good .

It can play all of those games out there with a good performance .

Like look at PUBG for example , that was running really well on this phone .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So for the price for its value proposition and where it is placed .

Yes , there's a lot on offer there , but we're getting so many models here .

Poco slow down .

I mean , us reviewers , we can't almost keep up .

I only just reviewed the Poco M 45 G .

So check out my review of that and now we've got the M five .

So we're going from M four five G to M five S to M five that we have here too .

So it's a separate video on this particular model here which does have of course its differences .

It's got the hog 99 that 90 Hertz IP S screen as mentioned there before .

So thanks a lot for watching this video and I do hope to see you back in the next one .

Do subscribe if you like these detailed longer tech reviews that aren't just tiktok two minute reviews .

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