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2024-07-05 11:48:58

Are You Salt Sensitive or Potassium Deficient - Dr. Berg on Hyponatremia and Hypokalemia

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Hi , guys .

I have a question .

Are you salt sensitive or potassium deficient ?

So many people are told that they're salt sensitive and they need to avoid sodium .

Right ?

Well , guess what ?

Did you realize that your body needs a 1000 milligrams of sodium ?

And if you're deficient in sodium , here are the symptoms .

Headaches , fatigue , lethargy , nausea , weak muscles .

Yeah .

Because sodium is an electrolyte .

Okay ?

Now in your body , sodium and potassium work together .

Okay ?

They're they're they're kind of a pair of minerals that work together .

We need 4 times as much potassium as we do sodium .

So instead of accepting the diagnosis that you need to cut down your salt , try this experiment and see if it doesn't really fix the problem , especially for blood pressure .

Raise your potassium .

You can keep your so your your sodium at a 1000 milligrams , but raise your potassium to the normal level and see what happens .

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You're gonna find out that your blood pressure will probably come down and you'll feel a lot better .

But we need a lot of potassium .

Now the question is where do you get potassium ?

You get it from large amounts of salad .

You need to consume between 7 and 10 cups of vegetable or salad every single day to get your potassium .

Not from bananas .

Bananas only have 300 milligrams per banana .

So you have to have like 10 or 12 bananas .

But I would do it from salad .

Okay ?

You can do it You can enhance it with a supplement as well , but I would recommend you do it from actual food as much as possible .

Now the an average American consumes 37 100 milligrams of sodium per day .

So that's a lot of sodium and they only consume a 1 , 000 milligrams of potassium .

So they have it just reversed .

And this is where the problem is .

These people are not salt sensitive .

They're just potassium deficient .

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Now in the eighties , we had this spike of blood pressure and so many people were all of a sudden diagnosed as salt sensitive .

And I wanna talk about that for a second because there's something else that had happened in the eighties that probably could have caused this so called problem .

K ?

This problem with high blood pressure .

It's the introduction of high fructose corn syrup in a major way .

High fructose corn syrup is in pretty much replaced our sugar , not to mention sugar itself .

High fructose corn syrup and sugar actually deplete you of potassium and retain sodium .

Yeah .

That's what I just let me just say it again .

When you consume high fructose corn syrup , which is in all the juices , it's in so many foods , you basically and the sodas as well .

You basically cause the retention of potassium I'm sorry , retention of sodium and the depletion of potassium .

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So you lose your potassium when you consume sugar or high fructose corn syrup .

So that's another cause of of of why people are potassium deficient .

So we have they don't get from the diet , they consume a lot of sugar and then they become potassium deficient , but they're retaining the sodium and they get fluid retention .

I mean , the amount of people that I used to have come in my office and look at their ankles and just swollen , they're puffed out , all I do is I add in the vegetables .

I cut out the high fructose corn syrup .

I put them on the correct eating plan and they dump tons of fluid , and it's so easy .

Plus the hidden in the hidden , MSG in the junk foods , monosodium glutamate , modified food starch , the same thing .

That is a hidden source of sodium , monosodium , so that you can get a lot of fluid attention too .

If you go to a Chinese restaurant , for example , or a fast food place , they had built in there a lot of sodium that's hidden .

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So , again , what we wanna do is you wanna increase your potassium .

Don't worry about cutting out your sodium too low or you're gonna feel weak and you're gonna get a headache , but just get the junk out of the trunk , so to speak , and let's see how you can do with your numbers , with your blood pressure , and with your health .

Thanks for watching .

Where am I going with this ?

Press the subscribe button .

Forgot the last part .

And I'm gonna see you next time .

Am I gonna I will press the subscribe button and I will keep you updated on the future events .

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