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2024-02-05 20:52:44

Symbiotic resonance 😈😈#manipulation #psychology

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Persuasion isn't just about getting others to agree with you .

It's about weaving a tapestry of influence .

So intricate .

They believe it was their idea all along the key symbiotic resonance , align your desires with their needs .

Imagine you're shopping for a new phone .

The salesperson doesn't start by asking if you want to buy the most expensive model .

No , they start small .

Do you like taking photos with your phone ?

That's an easy .

Yes .

For most of us , he would you like a faster , more responsive phone ?

Who wouldn't another ?

Yes .

Climbs the ladder .

Each affirmation subtly commits you to the conversation , making it progressively harder to back out why ?

Because of the consistency principle in psychology , we strive for consistency in our commitments .

It's how we maintain our self image .

If you hit resistance , it's not the end .

It's a negotiation .

Listen and adapt .

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