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This is what Happens at NIGHT in Irish pubs

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Welcome to Ireland .

A fantastic country full of curious traditions , enchanting landscapes , and , of course , beautiful red haired women .

It might sound funny when I say that , but did you know that in this country , the population of sheep is larger than that of humans ?

Here , Saint Patrick's Day is celebrated so enthusiastically by the population that everything turns green on this day , even the rivers .

Located in the northwest of continental Europe , Ireland is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the west , the Irish Sea to the east , and the English Channel to the southeast .

The island is divided between the Republic of Ireland , which occupies most of the territory , and Northern Ireland , which is part of the United Kingdom .

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The Republic of Ireland , often simply referred to as Ireland , has a land area of approximately 70 , 000 square kilometers making it the 20th largest island in the world and the 3rd largest in Europe .

The Irish landscape is a captivating blend of gentle hills , verdant plains , rocky mountains , and a coastline dotted with bays and peninsulas .

The capital of Ireland , Dublin , is situated on the East Coast of the country and is the political , economic , and cultural center of the nation .

Other important cities include Cork , the 2nd largest city located in the south , Galway , a vibrant cultural city on the West Coast , and Limerick , situated in the southwest of the country .

The population of Ireland is approximately 5 , 000 , 000 people , according to the latest estimates , and about 10% of these individuals have red hair .

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This genetic trait is more common in Ireland than almost anywhere else in the world , being surpassed only by Scotland .

Population density is relatively low , with the majority of the population concentrated in urban areas , especially in Dublin and its surrounding areas .

Ireland has a young and growing population with a high birth rate compared to other European countries .

Ireland is known for its warm hospitality and the strong cultural identity of its people .

Here , the official language is English , but Irish is also widely taught and spoken in some regions , especially in rural areas and in the Gaeltacht communities , where Irish culture and language are preserved and promoted .

The economy of Ireland is diversified and modern , with strong sectors in information technology , pharmaceuticals , financial services and agriculture .

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The country is an attractive destination for foreign investment , thanks to its skilled workforce , favorable tax policies , and strategic position within the European Union .

In terms of natural heritage , Ireland is famous for its breathtaking landscapes and rich biodiversity .

In the west of the country , the cliffs of Moher are perhaps the most iconic of all Irish scenes .

These impressive cliffs rise over 200 meters above the Atlantic Ocean and stretch for approximately 8 kilometres along the coast .

The view of the cliffs , especially at sunset , is breathtaking and provides a majestic perspective of the strength and beauty of nature .

Another enchanting place is the Ring of Kerry , a scenic route in County Kerry that takes visitors through some of Ireland's most stunning landscapes .

Along this route , you'll encounter a mix of majestic mountains , tranquil lakes , and picturesque villages .

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Connemara , located on the West Coast , is known for its wild and untouched landscape .

With its rocky mountains , heather covered moors , and a coastline dotted with bays and coves , Connemara offers a dramatic and serene setting .

The region is a haven for those seeking peace and tranquility , as well as an excellent location for hiking and exploration .

Now , a place that I doubt you're familiar with , the Giant's Causeway .

This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located on the northeast coast of Northern Ireland .

The Giant's Causeway is composed of approximately 40 , 000 interlocking basalt columns formed by an ancient volcanic eruption .

The columns , many of which are hexagonal , create a surreal landscape that appears to be sculpted by giant hands , inspiring legends and myths throughout the centuries .

The legend behind this place is quite curious .

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According to national folklore , the Irish giant Finn McCool built the causeway to reach Scotland and confront his giant rival Benandonier .

When Finn realized that Benandonner was much larger than him , his wife disguised him as a baby .

When the feared rival saw the giant baby , he imagined that the father must be immense and fled back to Scotland in terror , destroying the causeway behind him so that Finn couldn't follow .

Incredible story , don't you think ?

The lakes of Ireland are also an essential part of its natural landscapes .

In the Wicklow region , known as the Garden of Ireland , Glendalough Lake is surrounded by mountains and ancient monastic ruins , creating a mystical and serene environment .

Now , setting the landscapes aside for a moment , let's talk about the traditions of this fascinating people .

Perhaps the most well known is Saint Patrick's Day , celebrated on March 17th .

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This holiday , which honors the patron saint of Ireland , Saint Patrick , is famous for its colorful parades , traditional music , and the predominant use of the color green .

The celebrations spread worldwide .

But in Ireland , the day is particularly special , With cities and villages decorated , and cultural events highlighting the rich Irish heritage .

The color green is so prevalent on this day that even some rivers are dyed with green paint .

Another tradition deeply rooted in Irish culture is music and dance .

Traditional Irish music with its captivating melodies and lively rhythms is a vital part of social gatherings .

Instruments like the fiddle , the Irish flute , the bodhran and the accordion are often used to create music that is part of the soul of Ireland .

Irish dance , with its solo forms like step dance and group dances known as ceilidh , are equally important and often showcased at festivals and local pubs .

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Irish folklore is also something fascinating .

It is filled with stories of mythical beings such as leprechauns , fairies , and banshees .

These legends are passed down from generation to generation , often told around campfires or in cozy pubs .

The figure of the Leprechaun , a small elf who hides a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow , is especially well known and has become a cultural symbol .

And when we talk about Irish traditions , we can't forget to mention their mouth watering cuisine .

Irish Stew is 1 of the most iconic dishes of Ireland .

Traditionally made with lamb or mutton , potatoes , carrots , and onions , this hearty stew is true comfort on a cold day .

Each family may have its own variation of the recipe , making each dish unique .

Another staple of Irish cuisine is soda bread , a quick and easy bread to make , prepared with baking soda as a leavening agent instead of yeast .

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Made with flour , baking soda , salt , and sour milk or buttermilk , soda bread is dense and flavorful , often served with butter and accompanied by a cup of tea or a warm stew .

And no discussion about Irish food would be complete without mentioning Guinness , the iconic stout beer originating from Dublin .

With its rich and creamy flavor , Guinness is more than just a beverage .

It's an integral part of Irish culture and identity , widely enjoyed in local pubs .

And if you're someone who enjoys bustling and vibrant places , these Irish pubs are the ideal spots for you .

Pubs in Ireland are more than just bars .

They are gathering places , cultural centers , and entertainment venues where people of all ages come together to socialize , listen to live music , and enjoy a warm and lively atmosphere .

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Irish pubs are known for their warm and hospitable atmosphere , where you can strike up conversations with locals and tourists alike while enjoying a pint of beer or a whiskey .

Many pubs also offer live music ranging from traditional Irish to contemporary bands , creating an authentic and engaging experience .

Nightlife in Ireland is famous for its diversity and energy .

In addition to pubs , you'll find a variety of bars , clubs , and nightclubs , especially in larger cities like Dublin , Cork , and Galway .

In these venues , you can dance into the early hours of the morning to the sounds of local or internationally renowned DJs .

Experiencing a wide range of musical styles from pop and rock to electronic and alternative music .

The Irish people are known for their hospitality and love for fun , which is reflected in the country's nightlife .

It's not uncommon to make instant friendships during a night out with strangers becoming friends in a matter of minutes .

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The party culture in Ireland is a celebration of life and community , and participating in Irish nightlife is an experience you won't soon forget .

And when you're in Ireland partying , know that you'll encounter many beautiful women .

Those who think that only red haired women exist in this country are mistaken .

This place is home to an impressive diversity of women , each with their own unique beauty and irresistible charm .

Irish women are known for their distinctive appearance and striking physical features .

In terms of height , Irish women generally have an average stature , with many of them being taller than the global average .

This isn't just a casual observation .

Studies show that Irish women tend to be taller than average due to genetic and dietary factors .

Regarding facial features , Irish women often exhibit a unique blend of characteristics .

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Their faces can range from oval to angular with delicately sculpted cheekbones and a strong chin .

Their eyes , often in shades of blue , green , or brown , gleam with liveliness and expression , reflecting the captivating soul of Irish women .

While the fame of Irish red haired women is deserved , it's important to highlight that there's a great diversity of hair colors among Irish women , each beautifying their appearance in a unique way .

If you've been enchanted by Ireland and are considering visiting the country , it's good to have an idea about local prices .

Here , the currency used is the euro like most countries in the European Union .

The current minimum wage in Ireland is €12 per hour , with the average population earning around 2 , 500 to €3 , 600 per month , making it 1 of the highest in Europe .

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This value serves as a reference , but salaries can vary significantly depending on the field of work and level of qualification .

Regarding housing costs , rents in Ireland can be quite high , especially in major cities like Dublin .

A 1 bedroom apartment in the center of capital can cost between 1 , 300 to €1 , 900 per month .

Outside the city center , prices can be more affordable , ranging from €900 , 200 .

Electricity and water bills also represent a considerable expense , which can reach up to €250 per month , depending on the size of the residence and consumption .

Regarding food , the expenses of a single person can vary between €300500 per month , depending on eating habits and preferences .

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However , dining out at restaurants or cafes can significantly increase monthly expenses , with a meal at a standard restaurant costing on average between €10.20 .

I hope you enjoyed this journey through Ireland .

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