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2023-11-17 00:38:33

The Cows and the Tiger _ Stories for Kids _ Infobells

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Info .

The cows and the tiger , a deep forest there lived four cows .

They were friends .

They always graced together wherever they went , they went in a group in spite of living amidst the wild animals .

No one could ever dare to harm them due to their unity .

Uh Tiger had been watching these cows for quite some time .

He always wanted to feast upon them how tasty these fat cows would he thought .

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But whenever he tried , he was driven away by them as they struck back together .

These pass one day , the cows had a big quarrel .

Don't talk to me .

You don't talk to me .

I don't want to be in this group anymore .

Neither do I saying this .

Each cow went in a different direction to grace .

The tiger grabbed this great opportunity .

Ha ha .

Finally the day has arrived .

He laughed .

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He then pounced upon the cows one by one and gobbled them up .

United .

We stand divided , we fall .

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