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2024-02-06 14:27:03

اشرب كوب واحد يوميًا لعلاج ضعف الانتصاب (فياجرا طبيعية)

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Today , I'm going to talk about a natural remedy that can act as the homemade Viagra .

And so all you have to do is drink one glass of this per day .

And I think you're going to be pleasantly surprised what's going to happen .

And so our topic today is erectile dysfunction .

The biggest problem that I see with erectile dysfunction is men go to the doctor , they get diagnosed and then they get treated .

There's really no understanding of what's really behind this condition other than you're getting older and everyone has this and uh you know , you're just gonna have to manage the condition .

What's interesting about erectile dysfunction is that many times if not , most of the time the hormones are normal when you test them .

And many times men with erectile dysfunction have a high incidence of high blood pressure , obesity , diabetes .

They're smokers and when someone is prescribed a medication like Viagra and about 30% of the time it doesn't work .

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And many times there are side effects like getting gangrene of the penis .

Now , that might be rare , but it does happen .

And if someone has that side effect and they have to remove the penis , that would be a very severe side effect .

So in this video , I want to discuss what's really behind erectile dysfunction .

The penis is the barometer of something called endothelial health .

Now , what does endothelial mean ?

It's a single layer of cells on the inside of your arteries and veins and even the lymphatic system and erectile dysfunction is one of the earliest signs of peripheral artery disease .

Now , when we talk about peripheral arteries , we're talking about the arteries in the peripheral part of your body , the legs and the arms .

And there's additional clues to know that you have this problem .

But you have to realize 50% of the time , there are basically no symptoms .

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But as this problem progresses , you may notice cold feet , painful legs , cramping in the lower legs .

You may notice um color changes in your lower legs like your ankles .

You see this in diabetes a lot .

You might even see like a , a bluish tint or red rash or extra pigment of the lower part of the leg .

You may notice that wounds tend to not heal as fast .

You may notice a loss of hair on your lower legs .

These are all symptoms of peripheral artery disease released early indicators that there is a problem .

So having erectile dysfunction is not really a problem of the penis .

It is a problem with something more extensive .

Now , the penis is a very sensitive hydraulic organ .

Now , what does hydraulic mean .

Well , there's something involving a higher amounts of pressure .

And in this case , we're talking about blood pressure in a smaller space to allow movement of something .

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And so when someone has an erection , they have several things happening that involve these hydraulics , they have an inhibition of the sympathetic nervous system .

That's the fight or flight mechanism , that's like the stress part of the nervous system .

So under stress , uh you're not gonna get an erection .

Now , at the same time , you're also getting uh an increase of the parasympathetic nervous system .

And this is the system that helps you relax , helps you recover .

And so the parasympathetic also uh primarily dominates digestion and sleeping .

This could also explain why some men can get an erection in the middle of the night .

Ok .

But not during the day .

And also with an erection , you have an increased blood flow and then you also have something called increase nitric oxide .

Nitric oxide increases uh the blood flow , uh vasodilation and it allows you to actually achieve an erection .

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And the same things that affect peripheral artery disease affects this nitric oxide .

And this would be age high blood pressure , diabetes being overweight , stress .

Now , there's another enzyme that you know , it's probably not important to know , but it's just the mechanics of how Viagra works .

And it's an enzyme called PDE two .

And so Viagra inhibits that enzyme .

Now , your endothelial layer , how can you heal that ?

And allow that uh , part of your vascular system to function , to be able to restore an erection .

Well , it's a matter of fixing the real cause underlying this problem .

But in the meantime , there's several things you can do to at least improve this situation .

Probably the biggest reason for this problem is a person has insulin resistance because you're on the wrong diet .

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And so if you really want to correct this insulin problem , ok , which is present in prediabetes and diabetes .

And even before diabetes , and it's also present in high blood pressure as well as obesity , you need to get on the ketogenic diet for sure .

But in the meantime , there are several things that you can do in combination in a drink that can help increase this nitric oxide .

Now , there's an amino acid precursor for nitric oxide called Citrin .

Ok ?

And the food that has the highest amount of cronen happens to be watermelon .

That's right watermelon .

The thing about watermelon is high in sugar too .

So if you are in a strict ketogenic diet , what you can do is you can juice the rin part , including the white part of that rin .

Ok .

And let someone else eat the the sweeter part , but we're only going to be recommending one cup of this juice .

So it's not going to be terribly high in sugar .

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So , cline will increase nitric oxide .

It will also decrease ammonia , which is good .

Uh But there's two other things that can increase nitric oxide naturally .

Uh The most potent thing is beets .

Ok .

Beetroot .

Now , if you don't want to juice the beet root , you can uh , get powder , you get beet powder .

I would recommend organic beet powder and you can mix two teaspoons of that in this mixture .

Um , probably gonna have to add like eight ounces of water with it .

But if you have a juicer might as well just get a medium sized beet and juice it , OK ?

With a cup of watermelon juice , ok ?

Make sure you juice the rind and all .

But again , if you're on the strict ketogenic diet , uh , just discard the um , red part .

Now , have you ever read on the back of the label with sausages or bacon ?

And it says there are nitrates in there .

Ok ?

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And sometimes they have an uh , a source of nitrates that come from a natural substance and that would be celery root .

So in other words , celery is very high in nitrates and so you can juice about a cup of celery juice in this mixture .

There are other things you can add to this or substitute and that would be any of the dark leafy greens like arugula kale and even spinach , I wouldn't recommend spinach if you have a tendency to get kidney stones because they're high in oxalates .

But for some people , they can do it just fine , but all of the dark leafy greens are loaded with nitrates So you want to drink one glass of this every morning for a period of , you know , 4 to 6 weeks .

The next thing you want to do if you're doing this is to stop all porn .

Ok .

There's a condition called porn , induced erectile dysfunction .

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Out of all the things that can cause erectile dysfunction , porn is probably at the top of the list because it really um artificially messes up the whole uh biochemical process by looking at pictures and it's just very unnatural .

You're gonna overstimulate , you're gonna uh deplete your dopamine reserves and it can lead to a very strong addiction and create a lot of additional health problems .

Another thing to do would be nose breathing .

I did a whole video on this when you breathe through your nose , like when you're exercising , maybe not all the time .

But if you try to focus on nose breathing , you have more nitric oxide , you actually have more oxygen too in the body .

And of course , the last thing is exercise because exercise also increases nitric oxide .

All right .

So now that you know that I think the most important thing now is to understand more about this nose breathing technique .

And for that information , I put this video up right here .

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