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3 True Social Media Infulencer Horror Stories Animated

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I still remember the day it all happened as vividly as if it were yesterday .

My hands trembled even now as I recount it .

I'm Kira , a popular influencer known for my beauty tips and lifestyle vlogs .

That day , I hosted a fan meet up at a cozy little cafe in my hometown .

Fans crowded around me eager to take selfies and ask for advice .

I felt loved .

Then I saw him , Gil .

He stood out immediately , disheveled hair , sunken eyes , and a weird crooked smile .

He waited until the crowd thinned before approaching me .

Kira , you look even more beautiful in person .

His voice was raspy and his gaze intense .

I forced a smile and nodded , hoping he would take the hint and move along , but he didn't .

Do you remember me ?

We used to be close .

I'm sorry .

I don't think we've met before .

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His eyes darkened and he leaned in closer whispering .

You don't remember your own husband ?

I think you have me confused with someone else .

He laughed .

Even the fans around seemed repelled .

No , honey .

Enough with the jokes .

See , you don't know this yet but you're my wife .

He seemed completely lost in the head .

Please , leave me alone .

Gil's demeanor shifted from creepy to menacing in an instant .

I signaled the cafe staff and they quickly intervened escorting him out .

He resisted , shouting obscenities and threats until he was finally thrown out .

The room fell silent and I tried to shake off the encounter but an uneasy feeling lingered .

Minutes later , just as I was beginning to relax , the door burst open .

Gil stormed back in , this time , wielding 2 guns .

Panic erupted .

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Screams filled the air as he opened fire .

Bullets spraying indiscriminately .

I froze in terror .

The cafe turned into a scene from a nightmare .

People fell , blood pooling around them .

I ducked behind a table , my heart pounding so hard I thought it would burst from my chest .

Gil's eyes were wild .

His mouth twisted in a crazy grin .

You can't hide from me , Kira .

His voice cut through the chaos .

I tried to stay low , crawling towards the back exit .

A bullet whizzed past my ear embedding itself in the wall .

I felt a sharp pain in my side and looked down to see blood seeping through my shirt .

I had been hit .

I bit back a scream , adrenaline the only thing keeping me moving .

I reached the kitchen hoping to find a way out , but Gil was relentless .

He kicked open the door and his eyes locked onto mine .

There you are my love .

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He raised the gun and I thought it was the end .

Suddenly , a loud crash diverted his attention .

A brave stranger tackled him .

The patron , a burly man with a determined look , slammed Gil against the stainless steel counter .

The gun clattered to the floor .

Gil snarled and swung a wild punch connecting with the man's jaw .

The patron staggered but didn't fall .

He grabbed a frying pan from the stove and swung it with all his might striking Gill's shoulder .

Gill let out a feral scream , his eyes blazing with madness .

He lunged grabbing a butcher's knife from the counter .

The patron blocked with his arm , the blade slicing through his shirt but only grazing the skin .

Blood stained the fabric as the 2 grappled , their movements desperate and brutal .

I remembered that Gil's hand found a pot of boiling water and he hurled it at the man .

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Steam hissed and the man howled in pain as the scalding liquid splashed across his face and chest .

Despite the agony , he didn't back down .

He kicked out , catching Gil in the knee , causing him to stumble .

Seizing the opportunity , the man delivered a powerful punch sending Gill crashing into a stack of pans .

Gill went for the gun and so did the man .

They rolled punching and kicking , each fighting for control .

Gill's hand found a broken glass bottle and he slashed at the man's arm drawing blood .

Panting bloodied and burned , the man stood over Gil , his heaving with exhaustion and pain .

The kitchen was a wreck .

Pots , pans , and utensils strewn everywhere .

The acrid smell of burnt food hanging in the air .

But that's when Gil grabbed the gun and shot it at the man .

The stranger fell down and I screamed in horror .

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I finally got out of the shock and managed to get up and head for the back door before Gil could focus on me again .

Outside , the sound of sirens filled the air .

The police had arrived .

I collapsed on the pavement , the world spinning around me .

The officers stormed the cafe and seconds after a few seconds of gunfire , it all became silent .

They got to my psycho stalker , but I decided to get off of insta and live , a life devoid of attention in that moment .

I'd always been drawn to the paranormal , the unexplained .

As a youtuber specializing in paranormal adventures , my channel had gained quite a following .

My latest adventure brought me to the outskirts of my hometown , infamous for the ghost sighting of the virgin bride , a young woman from the 1800 who died mysteriously on her wedding night .

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Legend had it that she roamed the woods , forever searching for her lost groom .

I wanted to document my experience and see if the stories were true .

I set off with my trusty dog , Max , by my side vlogging the entire journey .

The sun hung low in the sky as we entered the dense forest .

The air had the faint smell of pine .

Alright , guys .

We're about to enter the woods where the virgin bride has been sighted 2 days ago .

This rancher from my town was passing through the shortcut when he says that he saw her .

I've got Max with me , and we're camping out here tonight .

Wish us luck .

We hiked for hours until we found a clearing to set up camp .

As the sun dipped below the horizon , the forest grew eerily quiet .

I pitched the tent and started a small fire , trying to shake off the growing sense of unease .

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It's getting dark and the woods are definitely creepy .

But we're here to find out if the legend is true .

I've got my camera , my flashlight , and Max .

Let's see what happens .

Suddenly , after a few hours , a mournful cry pierced the stillness .

Max's ears perked up and he let out a low growl .

Did you guys hear that ?

It sounded like crying .

Okay .

This is getting weird .

I grabbed my flashlight and panned it around the campsite .

The crying continued closer this time , mixed with what sounded like soft whispering .

My heart pounded to my chest , but I forced myself to stay calm for the sake of the video .

Alright .

We're hearing some really strange noises .

I kinda wish I wasn't alone .

Max's growl turned into a bark .

He stared intently at a point just beyond the fire's light .

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I followed his gaze , but saw nothing .

Still , the sense of being watched was overwhelming .

Max , what is it ?

Do you see something ?

I stood up , the camera shaking in my hand as I moved closer to where Max was focused .

The air grew colder around there .

The crying and whistling grew louder surrounding us .

Okay , guys .

This is getting really intense .

A sudden gust of wind extinguished the fire plunging us into darkness .

I fumbled for my flashlight , the beam flickering before going out completely .

Max whimpered pressing against my leg .

Stay close , Max .

We need to get out of here .

As I turned to head back to the tent , a figure in a white dress appeared in the corner of my eye .

I froze , the hair on the back of my neck standing on end .

The figure was faint , almost translucent and drifted towards us .

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I felt a sharp pain in my side as if something had clawed me .

I cried out dropping the camera .

Shit .

Shit .

Shit .

Run , Max .

Run .

I grabbed Max's leash and ran stumbling through the underbrush .

The figure followed gliding effortlessly over the rough terrain .

The crying turned into a wail and the whistling became a deafening shriek .

I tripped over a root , falling hard and scraping my knee .

Blood trickled down my leg , but I forced myself to get up .

We burst through the trees and into the open , the forest edge in sight .

I dared to glance back and saw the figure standing at the tree line , her face obscured by a veil .

Her hand reached out , but she couldn't cross the boundary .

Panting , I collapsed on the ground clutching Max .

The night was silent again , the oppressive feeling lifting .

I realized my camera was still running , capturing our escape .

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We made it .

We actually made it .

I don't know what that was , but it's real .

Holy The virgin bride is real .

Guys , I hope it came on camera .

I looked down at Max who licked my face , his tail wagging .

We had survived , but the haunting presence of the virgin bride would stay with me forever .

I ended the recording , vowing never to return to those woods again .

But I was in for a rude shock when I processed the video the next day .

Whenever the camera was on me , the picture quality was fine .

But whenever I turned it towards the ghost of the bride , the camera quality became grainy .

Yet , the figure was there , captured , translucent , crying , haunting .

I don't know what all history this place had , but now I know that ghosts are real .

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Being an Instagram influencer has its perks .

Free products , exclusive events , and a massive following .

But it also has its downsides .

And lately those were getting harder to ignore .

It all started with a message from an account with no profile picture and a single follower .

You look good in the blue nightgown last night .

I stared at the message , my heart pounding .

Settled deep in my gut .

Who is this ?

I tried to brush it off as a lucky guess or a prank , but the unease settled deep in my gut .

Who is this ?

How do you know what I wore ?

There was no immediate response .

I tried to go about my day but I couldn't shake the feeling of being watched .

The messages red dress you wore on your first date with Ryan ?

My blood ran cold .

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Ryan was a guy I had dated briefly before things got weird and I ended it .

I hadn't thought about him in years .

How did this person know ?

Leave me alone .

That night I couldn't sleep .

Every creak of the house made me jump .

Around midnight I received another message .

You can't ignore me forever .

I threw my phone across the room , my hand shaking .

Enough was enough .

I blocked the account again and decided to put my phone on silent .

A heavy silence filled the house as I lay in bed staring at the ceiling .

I finally drifted off only to be jolted awake by the sound of footsteps .

I sat up straining to hear .

The footsteps were slow , deliberate , coming from the hallway outside my bedroom .

Who's there ?

No response .

I grabbed my phone and turned on the flashlight .

The beam cutting through the darkness .

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The footsteps continued , moving closer .

My heart pounded in my chest as I got out of bed , the floor cold under my feet .

I crept to the door and opened it , shining the light down the hall .

It was empty .

The air grew colder with each step .

Step .

I was sure that someone or something was there .

I'm calling 911 .

Suddenly , a shadow darted across the hall .

I screamed dropping my phone .

It clattered to the floor and the flashlight spinning wildly .

I grabbed it and backed into my room , slamming the door shut and dialed for help .

Hello ?

911 ?

Please send someone over .

There someone in my house .

But that is when I heard a hoarse , heavy , manly voice which had static interruptions .

I am sorry .

911 isn't available right now .

Can I call the fake bestie you had called to get away from me on our last date ?

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I froze .

The temperature in the room plummeted .

I could see my breath and the hairs on my arms stood on end .

The door rattled as if someone was trying to break it down .

It couldn't be him .

I heard from a friend that Ryan had hung hung himself a few days after I ditched him .

I backed into the corner .

The rattling grew louder .

A cacophony of scary voices surrounded me .

That is when the door burst open and a shadowy figure stood before me .

I couldn't make out any features , just a dark silhouette against the light from the hull .

The figure moved towards me slow and deliberate .

I tried to scream but no sound came out .

Pain exploded in my side as if something sharp had slashed me .

I looked down and I saw blood seeping through my shirt .

I pressed my hand to the wound trying to stop the bleeding .

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I scrambled to my feet and ran for the door , but the figure was there blocking my way .

That is when I realized who he was .

Translucent and dark , bloodshot eyes that that seemed inhuman , disfigured face .

But the scent , I knew instantly that it was Ryan's scent .

I turned and ran to the window throwing it open and climbing out onto the roof .

The cold night air hit me like a slap but I didn't care .

I had to get away .

I climbed down the trellis slipping and scraping my hands on the rough wood and hit the ground hard , pain shooting up my bleeding leg .

I limped to the street not daring to look back .

As I reached the sidewalk , I glanced over my shoulder and saw the figure in my window watching me before it vanished right before my eyes .

I can't explain it but I am convinced that it was Ryan's ghost .

I didn't stop until I reached my neighbor's house and pounded on the door .

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They let me in and I collapsed on the floor sobbing .

They called 911 and police came , but they didn't find anyone in my house .

I moved out of that place within a week .

I just hope that Ryan is somehow finally at peace .

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