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2024-03-30 12:14:04

Get Paid $2,500_Week Using Pinterest 10 Minutes A Day (2024)

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Do .

You know , you can make up to $2500 a week just using 10 minutes of your time posting on Pinterest .

Yeah , you see this little $100 right here .

I know you want it and with this little $100 this is nothing .

You can make multiple times of this $100 bill in the matter of 10 minutes .

Let me back up my talk and show you what I actually mean .

See this number right here .

Yeah , this is actually real .

This is one of my affiliate programs I use and I've made this in just about one week .

I get about 80% off of this product commission .

But more that in a second .

Are you not satisfied enough ?

Well , let me show you this .

Then this is a lower number , but I've made over $250 in one week .

As you can see right here .

Look at that .

You see this number .

This is pretty dang good .

Not too bad .

Hey , now , how can you achieve these numbers that you're seeing right now on the board to do exactly what I do ?

Well , in this video , I'm gonna show you So stay tuned .

Now , first of all , we gotta talk about what method we'll be using .

You only need 10 minutes of your time .

I'm not even joking .

10 minutes of your time to do this method .

No , this is no blubber and no crap .

10 minutes .

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The media we're gonna be using today is Pinterest .

Now , this is a very under saturated method and not many people do this at all .

Anybody can do this and all you need is a cell phone or a computer .

That's it .

And then , and then some internet access .

What are you gonna exactly be doing in this ?

Or you're just gonna be reposting videos and photos that I'm gonna show you how to exactly make and then post them to Pinterest and then boom , the sales start running in .

It won't make sense right now .

It will .

And once you get that money , you're gonna be very happy enough at the random talk .

I know you're actually asking nugs is , is this real , is this actually capable to do ?

It is 100% capable to do ?

And I'm gonna show you exactly how don't make a random name that nobody knows like Gu likes to bake cupcakes for grandma .

Just make it really plain and simple .

It is pretty much gonna do the job .

Once you have your Pinterest set out for you , you're then gonna wanna put your logo and for your logo , you can just pretty much put anything just make sure it's pretty professional because we're remember you are a salesman in this and you do want to do a good job presenting yourself .

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Now , here comes the hardest part posting .

What do you post ?

How do you bring in that attraction to get people to know , to buy your stuff ?

Well , let's go over that right now .

I just made this new Pinterest account right here at London Finance just for the video .

So make sure it's actually accessible again and make sure it's professional .

You are actually sharing this information and people will be using your name and logo to determine if they actually want to buy your product breaks .

Whoa Where did we get into this ?

What are we using though ?

How are you making this money ?

I don't have a product .

I don't have a website , affiliate marketing .

If you're new to affiliate marketing , what you basically do is promote someone else's product and you get a commission based off of it .

Let me give you a quick example because I know most of you know what this means for this product right now you're seeing on the screen , I sell this discord course to many people .

Now .

It's basically how to make money like an entrepreneur site .

And I get an 80% commission of each one .

I sell each one .

I sell , I get about $12.79 .

So it is a pretty good bargain .

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I get 80% and then 20% does go to the creator .

So that's what affiliate marketing is .

You get a percentage and the creator gets a percentage as well .

You're basically just helping the creator make these sales and you get paid for it .

Now , how do you actually draw people for attention to get sales ?

Well , you need a post , that's what Pinterest is for .

So how are you going to edit these videos ?

Now , I would suggest using Canva .

So let's hop over to and get started .

You're then gonna wanna go to Pinterest .

So let's type in Pinterest .

And as you can see here , we're just gonna go to Pinterest pin , you're gonna then click on create a blank Pinterest pin and then select it and then you're gonna be brought up to this page .

This is kind of your posting page .

Now , what are we gonna be promoting ?

You can promote a lot of things like maybe if you want to go in the cooking niche or whatnot , I'm gonna stick to like how to make money with A I and we're gonna pick a product just for that .

So let's head over to Warrior Plus right now .

So we're on Warrior Plus .

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And what you want to do is go up to the place where it says affiliate and then go to offers and then you're gonna look through these offers and then you're gonna find the best one that suits you for me .

I really like the A I one which we're gonna go to right now , which is basically this high ticket A I , I do actually promote this myself .

So I would click on that one if I were you .

Now , this whole point around this is to promote this A I bot which basically says you're making money if you buy this A I bought which the A I will do for you .

So now that we got this information and we know what we're going to be promoting .

Yeah , you guessed it .

We're gonna make posts around it about how to make money , particularly how to make money with A I .

So let's go over back to Canva and see how we're going to create this masterpiece .

Now , a big part of Pinterest is photos because I earlier said videos is gonna really help get engagement , but photos is gonna help you get clicks really quick .

So let's take an example of using Pinterest to make money with Pinterest and post example , let's search up money on Pinterest right now .

Let's use this example .

I really like the layout at all the money .

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And basically this brings in a lot of people because you got six people right here and a good amount of views on this post .

So how we're going to get the image is we're going to go back to the post and then press this share button right here and then press copy link , you're going to copy this link and go to something called Pinterest .

I , I don't know , it's the first one I clicked on , make sure it's safe and then you're going to press the link in here and then download the image .

Let's hopefully we don't get a virus .

Let's do the best quality .

And uh there , Bam Bang , we got it right here .

Save this file and we're going to go back over to Canva .

We're currently at the campus station and then we're gonna drag and drop our image right here .

We're gonna slide this up and as you can tell it doesn't fit the post , which which sucks .

So you're gonna spread this out and bang it .

It is the post and how are we gonna draw our audience in ?

Now you saw that they just had a random post .

We're gonna want to put a title on our post .

So make it intriguing .

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Make sure people wanna actually click and look at your link and maybe buy your service .

So a huge thing going on right now is a I .

So we're gonna make a caption based on A I .

Now we gotta think of something to say and I'm gonna say um how I made um And then you're gonna wanna put it up and then we wanna pick a good font and what not to make it look really nice .

Oh La Mole , that's ugly .

OK .

I changed the font because the other one looked absolutely awful .

But let's just go to share press download and then what you wanna do is switch this over to P and to get the best quality of the post and then press download .

As we just downloaded the amazing file , you then want to go to Pinterest .

So now we're back over at Pinterest and you're gonna wanna press created , create and then let's drag and drop the file .

We literally just made and then there you go , you just got this .

So then what you want to do is you don't want to put any title on it or whatnot .

You're gonna skip through this and then you're gonna wanna press your link so you're just gonna press next .

Everything is cool .

Add a title .

This is the most important part .

Make sure the title is catchy .

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Let's do learn in description .

Now you don't want to put out the whole description because I don't know if Pinterest doesn't really like that .

But this is the best .

I think I can think of which I normally use anyways .

Now do make sure it's a little switched up .

I do use this method myself .

So just try not to saturate it so much , bro .

How do you spell entrepreneurship ?

What the heck .

So in the ad details , what you to do is press notes , as I said and then grab your link .

So get over to your product and this is my affiliate thing right here .

So I'm just gonna copy this and it looks a little too Spammy like that .

Right ?

Go over to Bitly and then you're gonna want to put it in there and shorten your link and then there you got your link .

Go back to your Pinterest page and then slap it in your notes and then you should be good .

Let's just put something like make 500 a day with a I here and then just put like a little cash thing in the OK , maybe not a winky vase .

And then there you go , you're posting it to Pinterest .

Now , I do wanna say that you're not gonna see success overnight .

Make sure you post a good amount of these .

It could take a couple of weeks before you even see success at all .

It took me about three months .

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I wasn't doing it correctly , but it did take me three months to see my first success and I do post a couple a day .

So I do generate some really good sales off of this method .

And there you go .

You could see that may 500 a year people can go to this , the more clicks it gets the better .

You could actually promote this if you want .

I wouldn't suggest it , but you can go ahead and try .

So yeah , hope you enjoyed the video and that's pretty much what I have for Pinterest .

Now , I will tell you one secret to this method .

It's to be consistent I know you don't want to hear it .

But if you post two times a day in about a couple of weeks , you'll definitely start seeing sales rolling because it's just a numbers game after all .

I mean , the more you post , the more chances you get to win , which is the more chances you get to actually sell your product .

You know what I mean ?

I hope you enjoyed this video and I hope it helped you .

Please hit the like button and subscribe .

I do post a ton of methods how to make money as I have myself online .

So I would enjoy if you come back for the next one or not , it's your loss .

Anyways , I , I'll see you in the next one .

He's out .

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