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2024-03-21 15:01:46

How To Have Free Windows VPS with RDP For Lifetime In 2024

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What's going on guys ?

This is me , Mehdi Shakil and you're watching a stake reveal .

So guys in this video , I'm gonna show you how you can get a free Windows VPs server and can remotely access that server without any credit card details or paying any single penny .

So without further ado , let's get started .

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Ok .

So guys right now you can see my computer skin .

Now , first of all , what you need to do , you have to open up your browser , then go to and after that , you have to create an account on github .

I had already an account .

So I'm not going to create another account .

So go to and create a github account for you .

Then take another tab and search on Google NG Rock .

Then go to this first website NG and also sign up an account on this NG website .

I had already an account .

So I'm going to log in to my account .

Ok .

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So to get a free Windows vps with the remote desktop .

You need to use these two website , the github and the NG .

Now let's begin how to get a free Windows VPs server .

So go to , click on this icon , then click on new repository and here name and repository here .

I'm going to type free RDP .

Then make this repository private scroll down , click on create repository .

And after that go to setting , then click on secrets and variables , then click on actions , then click on new repository .

Secret , click on your secret and type this text NJOS under token .

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Now go to N website , click on set up an installation , then scroll down and from here copy this token , then get back to github website and paste that authentication secret code here , then click on add secret after that , go to action and click on set up a workflow yourself .

Now after that , go to the description of this video and from here you'll get a text like this .

I will add a guitar bling to get all of this text copy that takes from there and paste it on your main Y ML file .

And from here you have to note down the user name as runner admin and password is password like this .

Then click on commit changes , then commit changes .

OK ?

Now click on actions and click on C I then click on create men dot YML .

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And here you'll get an option called build , click on it , then give it some time to run all of this job .

OK .

And after that , go back to website and click on in poems .

And here you'll get an URL click on it , then just simply copy this link from here .

Now click on start and search for RDP or remote desktop connection , then paste that link here , then click on connect .

After that , you'll get this pop up to enter and user name and password again .

Get back to git repository page .

And from here you can copy the user name , runner admin and the password .

This password type the user name , runner admin , then type the password .

This one then click on .

OK .

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Now you can minimize your browser .

Now click on .

Yes .

And after some time you'll get a remote desktop to a Windows 10 machine here you can see I get a remote desktop connection into a windows 10 server here .

You can see the Windows server 2022 data center and this is in test mode .

So guys like this , you can create Windows VPs server for free for lifetime , just create new repository and follow this video step by step and you will get a new Windows vps every time .

So guys using all of this method , you can get multiple Windows vps for free for lifetime .

So guys , that's all for today .

I hope you like this video .

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I'm Mary Shakil .

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You're watching his tutorial and I'm signing out .

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