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2024-07-09 10:21:42

What Causes Insomnia On Keto Diet – Dr. Berg

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Hey , guys .

I recently had a question related to insomnia and keto .

The person started the keto and then couldn't sleep anymore .

K ?

So here's what usually is happening .

It's usually a calcium deficiency .

Okay ?

It's the first thing I would add to the whole mix .

Because sometimes when you do a ketogenic diet , if you're kind of like a subclinical low amounts of calcium in the body , it can become more of a a major deficiency and show up as muscle cramps and also kind of like you're tired , but you just can't turn off .

Like like your head is tired , but you just can't go into that deep sleep .

So some calcium would benefit greatly .

But I would recommend taking the calcium with magnesium .

K .

Together .

You can get those in various forms , either a powder or actually , a tablet .

Make sure it's not calcium carbonate .

But if you take calciummagnesium , you're gonna be fine because magnesium is another common deficiency that can also affect your sleep .

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So the combination of both of these is really good for sleep .

Take it before bed on empty stomach .

Well , you probably are already gonna do an empty stomach because you're on intermittent fasting .

So that's fine .

Number 2 .

This would be the second thing to look at .

Is your potassium levels low ?

If you're deficient in potassium , it can elevate pulse rate , blood pressure , it could affect the muscles because potassium is a physiological tranquilizer .

It calms the nervous system down .

And usually if you're doing enough vegetables , you're gonna be totally fine .

Sometimes you need to take it as a supplement or electrolyte powder , and this will definitely help calm the nervous system .

3rd thing I would look at is b 1 .

B 1 is really good for the excessive thinking that keeps you up at night , but this also can calm the body .

I recommend getting this in a form which is called nutritional yeast .

Make sure it's non fortified and that will usually help you .

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The other point I wanna bring up is if you're consuming too much protein , protein can act as a stimulant and that alone can keep you up .

So keep your protein between 3 6 ounces .

And the last point I wanna bring up is that when your body starts getting into ketosis in general , it starts to generate more energy .

So you might have more energy on a keto than the sugar thing which is just makes you more tired .

And so you may have to add more exercise , more walking to kinda get the energy out .

Alright ?

Thanks for watching .

Hey .

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Hey .

That rhymes .

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