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2024-07-08 10:22:16

Blood Sugar Levels High Despite Keto and Fasting

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So I wanna touch on what happens if your blood sugars are high in the morning .

Now I've done several other videos on this topic , and I've given different reasons .

It could be your liver or your adrenal .

But there's 1 more common cause of this situation I wanna cover .

You start keto .

You're doing intermittent fasting .

And at some point , you find that your blood sugar start going higher in the morning .

And it's kind of weird because you're not consuming a lot of sugar .

In fact , your carbs are less than 10 grams .

Now if they're not less than 10 grams , I would start to lower the carbs .

But if you're basically eating hardly any carbs at all and the blood sugars are high , it has to do with this .

Your insulin resistance is so severe that the insulin cannot handle even a little bit of carb .

It's really a problem of insulin .

Insulin is dysfunctional .

Why ?

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Because the cells that make insulin are not fully there .

You have less beta cells in your pancreas , so you don't have enough beta cells to be able to produce the insulin necessary to keep the blood sugars in check .

Less insulin compounded by the fact that the receptors that are receiving insulin are being very , very resistive as well as not having enough cells to produce insulin .

Both of those situations will keep your blood sugars high .

So what can you do ?

There's 4 things to do , but they're all gonna be targeting , supporting the beta cells of the pancreas .

Number 1 , berberine .

This is a final nutrient in several different plants .

Out of all the natural herbs that help blood sugars , this 1 is at the top of the list .

It's very , very similar to Metformin , an actual drug .

It gets compatible results .

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So , I'm not gonna get into the brand or the dosage .

You're gonna have to research that .

But this is something very , very powerful .

Number 2 , beef pancreas .

Now you're going beef pancreas ?

Where am I gonna find that ?

There's a company Ancestral .

You can look it up .

They sell in pancreatic extract .

Now this will actually give the pancreas any raw material it needs to tend to build things back up .

If there's any autoimmune situation going on with the pancreas , I'm not saying it's a type 1 diabetes .

Let's say it's some other autoimmune condition with the pancreas and you take this and you take it at night , you take 1 capsule , what you'll notice over a period of 3 to 4 days is an improvement in your blood sugars .

Why ?

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Because when you take this product , it can act as a decoy , goes into the stomach , and the antibodies that could be potentially attacking the beta cells shift over and go after this decoy in your stomach and leave your pancreas alone , thereby decreasing the antibodies in the body against the pancreas .

So this is a very good strategy but just take 1 before you go to bed .

If you have an autoimmune condition and you take too much , the symptom will be fatigue .

You'll feel tired .

Why ?

Because the histamines will go high .

So I always recommend taking like 1 and just see how you do right before bed so you can kind of sleep on it .

Number 3 , milk thistle targets the liver cells .

And the healthier the liver , the less insulin resistance you're gonna have .

And then just plain exercise .

Doing exercise in the morning can simply burn off these these extra , sugar calories that are sitting in your blood .

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Stabilize your blood sugars to about 80 , and you are good to go .

Alright .

Thanks for watching .

Hey .

We're back .

With another amazing recipe .

No brains , no sugar , totally keto .

There's no suffering in keto .

Absolutely not , Karen .

And it's an immune system builder .

Absolutely .

You have to check this out .

I think you should hurry up , watch the recipe , and make it yourself .

It's just so easy to be keto .

But is it simple ?

It's super simple .

We hope you enjoy making it as much as we are enjoying eating it .

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