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2024-07-08 11:12:36

Keto And High Blood Pressure – Dr.Berg

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Hey , guys .

Today , we're gonna talk about keto and blood pressure .

Probably should add in there IF intermittent fasting as well .

Now typically , people have this idea that high blood pressure is caused by consuming too much sodium or salt .

Right ?

Because a lot of times all their processed foods are really high in sodium .

And , yes , that's gonna increase more volume of fluid because salt retains water and therefore increasing your blood pressure .

Okay ?

But people can then be put in a diuretic , pull the fluid out , and then lower their blood pressure .

So 1 point I wanna bring up is the relationship between sodium and the opposing mineral potassium .

They both work together .

Okay .

And we need 4 times as much potassium as we do sodium .

So what does that mean ?

It means that if you want to lower sodium , you wanna increase your potassium .

Okay .

Because that's automatically gonna give you the ratios that you need .

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Rather than try to lower your sodium okay .

Yes .

You can do sea salt which I recommend , but you'd be much better off increasing your potassium .

And 1 of the reasons is because potassium automatically will help you lower blood pressure or normalize blood pressure .

And most people do not consume enough potassium rich foods , and I'm not talking about bananas .

I'm talking about leafy greens .

The average person consumes 1.6 cups of vegetable per day .

We need at least 7 cups to hopefully maybe even 10 if you could actually do that , and that would actually give you a lot closer amounts for your potassium and you'll find your blood pressure come down .

And I'm gonna put a link down below that shows an incredible paper on the relationship between increasing your potassium and lowering blood pressure .

Alright .

Let's talk about scenario 2 .

Let's say the artery is calcified .

Well , that is gonna increase blood pressure because you have hardening of the arteries .

You have plaquing .

A great test to determine that would be a coronary artery calcification scan .

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Very important to be able to detect if you have any calcification going on there .

Now there is an interesting nutrient called vitamin k2 that works with d 3 that helps decalcify the arteries .

It helps remove excess calcium from either the joints or the arteries and puts it in the place where it should be in the bone , and this actually comes from fatty foods , grass fed meats or dairy , which is very interesting .

Now you can also get it from NADO , which is a fermented , soybean , but I find it interesting that the actual vitamin in fatty foods has the remedy to decalcify or protect the arteries from accumulating too much calcium .

And a lot of people are on a medication that blocks calcium to prevent this .

It's called a calcium channel blocker .

And the last scenario which is probably the most common is a situation where you have high insulin .

If your insulin is too high , your arteries are gonna become stiff .

Okay .

And your blood pressure will go up .

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This is associated with insulin resistance because when you have too much insulin , that means you're consuming too many carbs or eating too frequently .

It's gonna eventually create a situation where your your insulin's gonna , be resisted in the receptor and that feedback loop is gonna cause your body to make a lot more insulin than you should .

Of course , no 1 ever tests the insulin , a fasting insulin test or even an insulin test that , would be measuring how much insulin spike after you eat , post a meal , let's say 2 or 3 or 4 hours .

Now that test would be incredible , but it's rarely done .

The point is that when you have high insulin , you're gonna have high blood pressure .

Okay .

And so the solution would be to decrease your carbohydrates .

Okay .

Another interesting point would be when people are on medication for high blood pressure , they're usually on medication to lower cholesterol .

Okay ?

They're on a statin .

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And 1 of the risk factors for statins is diabetes and insulin resistance and elevated insulin .

So it worsens diabetes because it adds more insulin .

Diabetes type 2 is a situation you have too much insulin and too much blood sugar , but the side effect from statins basically worsens this situation right here .

Okay .

Keeping the blood pressure going , so you have to keep maintaining this condition , never fixing it fully but just managing it .

Now , the diuretics that you're taking over here have a side effect too and that would also be increased risk for insulin resistance and diabetes and higher levels of insulin .

Here we go .

Right here .

Feeding the machine right here .

Right ?

And then to put the icing in the cake , which I'm not I don't wanna talk about cake , is that you're gonna retain sodium when your insulin is high and your blood sugars are high because you're doing so many carbohydrates .

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So I believe this situation , especially if you're not consuming a lot of sodium is being directly caused by this situation .

So this is causing this , which is probably creating an imbalance with your potassium too .

And by the way , increasing your potassium will actually help lower your insulin and improve insulin resistance .

A calcified artery usually comes after a chain reaction from damage from high sugar because the calcium and the cholesterol that's making the plaque usually is triggered by a situation of damage in the artery wall usually coming from high sugar and high levels of insulin .

So again , this is causing this .

So if you were to lower your carbs , you're instantly gonna , lose a lot of fluid .

And if you lower your potassium , you will not only help with this situation , but you also help with the root cause as well .

Alright .

And thank you so much for watching .

I'll see you in the next video .

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So I wanna know about what you think about this video .

So please comment below and tell me what you think .

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