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2024-07-08 10:46:24

Keto Diet Dairy (Milk, Yogurt & Cheese) Explained By Dr. Berg

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Hello .

Doctor Burke here .

In this video , we're gonna talk about keto and dairy .

Okay .

Can you do dairy on a keto ?

Now in this video , I'm not gonna talk about lactose intolerant or allergies to milk or casein .

That's the protein in milk .

I'm mainly gonna talk about should you do dairy on a ketogenic diet or not .

First , let's talk about the yogurt .

Okay ?

Fat free , yogurt with fruit , so called fruit , healthy , which usually it's like not just fruit .

It's like the , the jelly of the fruit and all the sugar , and sometimes it's not even fruit at all .

It's kind of artificial flavoring .

It's 47 grams of sugar .

That's like drinking a soda .

That's a lot of sugar .

Fat free plain is 19 grams of sugar .

That's incredible .

Fat free Greek is 9 grams , so that's a little bit better , but it's still too high .

And this is per 8 ounces .

Okay .

8 ounces .

That's a cup .

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Whole milk plain is 11 grams of sugar .

That's still too high .

But look at fat free plain versus whole milk plain .

Apparently , the fat free is higher in in sugars .

See , I'm not even looking at the carbohydrates .

I'm looking just at sugar .

So , yeah , so that's interesting .

So whole milk , plain is better than fat free plain .

Fat free vanilla is 34 grams of sugar .

Way too high .

Goat's milk kefir is 7 grams .

So if you were forced to consume some type of yogurt or kefir , obviously , this would be the best .

This is the 2nd best .

Okay .

If you were at gunpoint and you had to eat it .

Right ?

Okay .

Look at this blueberry kefir , 20 grams .

Wow .

Low fat plain kefir still has 12 grams of sugar .

Low fat plain kefir , 11 grams of sugar .

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This is lactose free and I don't understand why it's high in sugar , but because lactose is the sugar .

So I don't I don't understand that , but it's still it's way too high .

So that's yogurt .

So do you wanna do yogurt on a keto ?

The answer is no .

I'm sorry .

Okay .

Now let's get to milk .

2% milk is 12 grams of sugar per cup .

K .

A cup is not that big .

That's too high .

Half and half for your coffee , point 36 grams , so it's less than a gram , And whole whole cream , like whipping cream , is 0.1 .

So if you were to use cream in your coffee , go with the whole milk , but still half and half is not that bad .

K ?

So can you do these ?

Yes .

I would get organic and try to get grass fed if possible .

And this 1 is a no .

Now what if you do just a little bit of milk ?

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Okay .

That's fine , but not a lot of milk .

Okay ?

It's just gonna blow you out of ketosis .

Let's talk about cheese .

Now when you have cheese , you have this fermentation product that you have these bacteria that are eating up the milk sugar and a lot of that lactose is being lost with the , the whey , the protein part , as it's coming out of the cheese in the making of cheese as well .

But check this out .

Cream cheese is less than 1 1 gram .

It's 0.45 grams per cup .

That's pretty good .

So cream cheese is totally fine .

Pepper Jack is 0 grams of sugar .

Awesome .

Cheddar is 0 grams .

In fact , the more aged a cheese is , the better the less sugar it has .

Mozzarelli , 1 point 4 grams of sugar per cup .

Still not bad , has a little bit more .

But look at this , processed cheese .

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Processed cheese .

You know those little individual wrapped cheese that most people consume ?

Probably Velveeta and the other processed cheese that you would buy that everyone's eating and lunch and the whole thing , 19 grams of sugar .

19 grams of sugar for processed cheese .

That is , like , way over the top .

Cottage cheese is 6 grams .

Wow .

That's a that's a good amount of sugar .

So is this a yes or no ?

These are a yes .

These are probably a no .

Probably small amounts , but this one's definitely a big fat no .

Okay .

Now you might be allergic to cheese because of the casein , the allergy , that's a separate deal .

You might be a lactose intolerant , that's a separate deal .

But when you get consume , cheese , grass fed organic would be the ideal scene .

Okay ?

Thanks for watching .

Hi , guys .

Hey .

Listen .

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I created a pretty amazing evaluation quiz down below that actually analyzes your symptoms to find the cause , the root cause of all of your symptoms , the most likely cause .

So take the quiz now , and we'll send you a report .

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