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2023-11-16 10:03:50

How to Use YouTube TV's New Multiview Feature in 2 Minutes!

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Hey , everyone .

I'm back with an update on youtube T V's new multi view feature and youtube TV , just confirmed on Twitter that all users are gonna get access to multi view no longer just that early access group .

So here's how to use it .

You gonna find multi view under top picks for you on the left of the screen .

I've got it highlighted .

I'm gonna select OK , using my remote and then it's going to launch multi view .

I've pressed pause to avoid any copyright issues .

So here's what you need to know first up , there's only two streams on the screen right now , but I've seen up to four and that's just gonna depend on youtube TV , because these are pre-elected multi streams at this point .

You cannot customize them .

That's coming in the future from the multi view I have up on the screen .

Now , notice the white border around the game on the left .

You're gonna hear audio from the game with the white border around it , but you can always switch using the arrows on your remote .

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So then I'm gonna switch to the right and then it's gonna change the audio source to the other game , you can go full screen with the game at any time , just press select on your remote again , I'm gonna pause it for copyright issues .

But from here you're just watching youtube TV as normal .

And when you press down , you're gonna have all the other options including stats , key plays .

That's also where you can turn on captions .

And when you do turn on captions , it'll be reflected in the multi view .

So to return to multi view from watching full screen mode , you're just gonna click back on your remote notice .

Now that I'm back to multi view and the screen on the right there are those captions that I turned on and if you want to leave multi view all together , just click back again and then you are back to the home screen .

I wanna show you a couple other places to access multi view .

I'm further down on the home screen under sports and I'm gonna select an individual game you see with this game , you now have the option to watch it in multi view .

It's the last option on the right of the screen .

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Same thing from the live guide when you select a game from there and it's a game that is part of multi view , you'll have that option to watch it in multi view .

Keep in mind that this is a pilot program and youtube TV is gonna be working on this in hopes of perfecting it before the start of the NFL football season in the fall .

Let me know how it's going for you down below .

And I thank you for watching today .

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