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2024-02-01 16:03:40

How to Make Chat Story Video for TikTok Creativity Program & Youtube _ Viral Niche(here is how)

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If you want to go viral on tiktok or youtube and make monthly income through these platforms .

Watch this video till the end .

The niche .

I'm about to show you today is one of the easiest niches to go viral on tiktok or youtube .

This niche is not competitive because a lot of people don't know how to make videos for this niche in the next several minutes .

I'm going to guide you through every step into making videos for this niche .

So it's better to act fast before this niche gets more saturated .

Let me show you an example tiktok page for this niche .

I hope you have seen videos like these at least once .

A lot of people think that these chat stories are real , but in reality , all of these are made up stories .

Let me show you one of the sample videos I created for this niche .

My rude boss threatened me to come to work while I was on vacation .

So I ruined his 10 years career .

Hey , Mark , hope you're enjoying your vacation .

We've got an urgent situation at work .

Can you come in tomorrow ?

Really ?

Sorry .

But I'm on vacation .

Can it wait until I'm back next week .

Mark .

This is important .

We need you here .

It's a mess .

Seriously .

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I've been looking forward to this break .

Can't someone else handle it ?

No one knows the project like you do .

This is a big deal .

You need to cut your vacation short .

Come on , I've been working nonstop .

Can't catch a break .

Mark .

You're risking your job here .

This is not the time for a vacation threatening me .

seriously .

Maybe I'll talk to hr about this mark .

Don't push it .

I'm responsible for this mess and I can make your life difficult .

Well , I can make yours difficult too complaining to hr about this pressure .

See , this is a made up story before going into the step by step process of making these types of videos .

I will give you several sub niche ideas for this niche .

The first one is cheating stories , create a story about how your girlfriend or boyfriend cheated on you .

Next one is how to approach a girl in the gym workplace or anywhere and make a conversation story about it .

Make it more interesting .

Third one is to make stories about rude bosses , how your boss takes advantage of you or how your boss asks inappropriate things about you .

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The next one is to make a conversational story about you and a friend about a controversial topic .

These are just a few ideas .

So let's start the process first , we need to create a story for this example , video , I'm going to make a story about a rude boss .

If you can think of an idea and create a story based on it , that would be really good .

That's the best way to make the story because this story should be natural .

If you can't do that , you can use chat GP T to create a story about this topic .

Let me show you how to do that .

Go to chat GP T and explain the story you need to create .

For this example , I have asked like this create an intense conversation between a boss and an employee .

This conversation is happening through a text message , chat .

It should be simple language and natural .

Don't use complex words .

This story should be about the boss asking the employee to come to work even though he is on vacation , then make it more like they are fighting .

The boss threatens him saying he is going to fire him .

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Then the employee threatens the boss to complain to hr finally , the employee decide to quit the job and make a complaint about the boss to hr then the boss begs him not to quit .

Make it more dramatic and simple .

Just like this , you can explain the story to chat GP T .

It will create conversation for this story .

As you can see , we have the full story here .

If you want , you can add new dialogues and new things to this conversation .

I will go with this script .

Now we need to find a background video .

I would recommend using background gaming videos like Minecraft or subway surf .

You don't have to play the game to get background video .

Just go to youtube and search for copyright free Minecraft game plays and select any video which are copyright free and copy its URL .

Then go to this website and paste the URL like this .

You can download that video easily .

Now let's go to the most important part which is creating the chat .

As I mentioned earlier , these are fake screenshots .

You don't need to have two phones and make a fake conversation .

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I will show you a free website for that fake is a website where you can create screenshots of any fake conversation .

If you got this website , you will be able to see what it can do .

If you click social media from this top menu , you can see that it has this feature to create fake conversations or chats for any social media platform .

For this video , we are going to make a whatsapp conversation between a boss and an employee .

So select whatsapp chat from here using this menu .

You can customize this template .

It's really simple .

If you want , you can hide the header and footer or change the background color to dark , then you can either select a layout for Android or an iphone , then you can edit the connection type battery percentage .

And more I have selected the iphone layout , you can edit this name and date .

I'm going to use mark as the name .

Now go to the script that we created and copy the chat to this layout , part by part like this .

So this first message is from the boss .

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It's going to be the receiver , select the receiver and paste the text , then copy the next part and select the sender just like this .

Add all the messages to this layout .

It's really simple after you complete it , you can download this as an image .

I hope you understand everything about this process .

It's actually really simple .

Now we need to make voiceovers .

I'm gonna use 11 labs for this 11 labs is one of the best and most realistic text speech A I voice generators .

There are a lot of A I voices in 11 labs .

You can even clone your voice with this .

So you don't have to worry about buying expensive equipment for voice recording .

And most importantly , you can monetize your videos using this voices .

You can sign up for free .

It will give free 10,000 characters .

If you are planning to use this A I for the long term sign up using the link in the description , you can purchase the monthly plan for $1 .

I use this A I voice generator for more than seven youtube channels .

So check the link in the description .

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Now we need to select a voice to narrate this story .

Select an interesting voice .

I'm going to use this famous A I voice called Adam for this example video .

Then we need to add an intro to this video .

It should create some curiosity and then the viewer will watch this video till the end .

Something like this would be suitable .

My rude boss threatened me to come to work while I was on vacation .

So I ruined his 10 years career .

Something like this will make the urge to watch this video till the end .

Now copy this text to here and generate the voiceovers .

Then all you need to do is create voiceovers for the script .

We generated copy and paste the chat part by part and generate the voiceovers .

We have all the materials .

So let's put this all together and edit the final output .

I'm going to use cap cut to edit this video .

It's a free video editing software .

You can download it to your phone or computer after you download it .

Follow these steps , start a new project and select this modify button from the side menu .

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You can change the project name and select the correct dimensions which is 16 to 9 ratio from here .

OK ?

Now import all the materials we created and downloaded for this video .

First drag the Minecraft background video to the timeline and edit its size according to our videos dimensions .

Then add the intro voice over to the timeline .

We need to generate captions for this part .

So go to text from the top menu and select auto captions and generate the captions within a few seconds .

It will generate the captions .

Now let's edit the text layers .

We can make it a little bit bigger .

I will make all the letters capitalized and add this new font to it .

We can add a text effect like this as well .

Then go to animations and select captions from this top menu .

Then select a suitable caption animation .

I think this one would be good for this video .

The next step is to add all the voiceovers related to the chat in the correct order to the timeline .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Make sure to listen to it first because you must add these voiceovers in the correct order .

Then drag the fake chat screenshot to the timeline like this , extend its duration like this .

The next step is very simple .

You need to cut this screenshot layer part by part to match the voiceovers , use this tool to cut it just do it like this , drag this bar to the correct place in the timeline and click this button .

It will make a cut in the layer , do this for all parts , then drag the next screenshot image and do the same .

Now select the first part on this screenshot and click this crop button .

You will come to this page , you can crop the screenshot using these lines .

So for the first part , we only need to show the first message crop it so that it only shows the first message , then go to the second cut .

In this case , we need to show the 1st and 2nd messages .

So crop it like this to show the first two messages .

So I think you understand how this process will work .

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Now do this for all cuts in the screenshot with that this video making process is completed .

You can export the video and upload it to tiktok or youtube .

I hope this video was valuable to you .

I will see you in the next video with a brand new tutorial .

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