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2024-07-06 22:07:50

3 True McDonald's Horror Stories Animated

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I was bone tired and starving that snowy night .

The road was a treacherous white blanket and visibility was near 0 .

My hands gripped the steering wheel until my knuckles turned white .

Relief finally washed over me when I saw the neon glow of the McDonald's sign in the snowstorm .

I pulled into the empty parking lot , parked my car , and trudged through the thick snow .

Inside , the fluorescent lights buzzed with an irritating The place was eerily deserted .

Only 2 employees worked quietly in the kitchen .

I shrugged off the uneasy feeling creeping up my spine and walked to the counter .

A young man with greasy hair hair and a vacant expression took my order , and he barely acknowledged me as he punched in my kneel .

I found a seat by the window , the snowstorm raging outside .

The heat inside made me feel slightly drowsy , but I couldn't shake the feeling that I was being watched .

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As I waited for my food , my eyes wandered to the corner of the restaurant where a clown statue stood .

It was a typical Ronald McDonald figure grinning eerily with his oversized shoes and bright red hair .

I shivered and looked away .

Minutes later , I heard a sinister laugh echo through the empty restaurant .

I jerked my head up , but the 2 employees continued working as if nothing had happened .

The laugh sounded again , this time closer , more menacing .

I rubbed my arms trying to ward off the chill that had settled over me .

The lights flickered and in the brief darkness I saw the clown statue in a different position .

Its head tilted towards me .

My heart pounded in my chest .

Did you guys hear that ?

The employees didn't respond .

They moved mechanically almost as if they were in a trance .

I turned back to the clown but it was in its original position .

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I took a deep breath trying to calm my racing heart .

My food arrived and I forced myself to eat , but the unease gnawed at me .

Halfway through my meal , I noticed written in ketchup on my tray .

Don't trust Ronald .

My blood ran cold .

I looked around but there was no 1 else in the restaurant .

The employees were still in the kitchen .

I felt a presence behind me and spun around but there was nothing there .

The lights flickered again and in the brief darkness I saw the clown figure standing in the corner watching me .

This isn't real .

It's just in my imagination .

I whispered to myself but the fear was real , tangible .

I glanced at the window and saw the clown's reflection grinning wickedly .

But when I turned to look it wasn't there .

My breathing became shallow .

I was panicking .

I had to get out of there .

I stood up , my legs trembling .

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The restaurant seemed to close in on me , the air thick and oppressive .

I stumbled towards the door , but before I could reach it , the employee stepped into my path .

Are you okay , miss ?

You look like you've seen a ghost .

His eyes were dark , almost predatory .

My instincts screamed at me to run but my feet felt like stone .

He smiled but there was something off putting about his smile .

If you'd like to accompany me back to the kitchen , I might have some extra chicken burgers for you on the house .

Something about his tone , his expression sent a jolt of terror through me .

I forced myself to speak .

I don't know .

What's her name ?

Come on .

It'd be a shame to waste good burgers .

I was hungry , so reluctantly I agreed .

You're Theresa .

Right ?

I remember from the order .

Yes .

And you are ?

Ronald .

Sorry .

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I forgot my tag today .

My blood turned to ice .

The message in ketchup up flashed in my mind .

I backed away shaking my head .

His smile faded replaced by a cold calculating night air night air hitting me like a slap but I didn't stop running until I reached my car .

I fumbled with the keys , my hands shaking uncontrollably .

I finally managed to unlock the door and threw myself inside locking it behind me .

I drove away as fast as the snow covered roads would allow not daring to look back .

My mind raced replaying the events in a nightmarish loop .

A week later , the news broke .

2 employees at that McDonald's had been arrested for the murder of 3 women .

Their bodies were found preserved in the freezer .

1 of the employees was named Ronald .

The news confirmed my worst fears .

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I had been inches away from becoming their next victim .

I like to believe that it was the spirit of 1 of the victims which saved me that day .

Tom was always a bit off .

Working the night shift at McDonald's alongside him , I saw things others didn't .

He was quiet , always muttering to himself under his breath , eyes darting around as if he expected the walls to close in on him .

He had these weird tics , like he'd tap his fingers rhythmically on the counter , almost like Morse code or he'd suddenly start laughing at nothing .

A low creepy chuckle that sent shivers down my spine .

I often wondered what had led him to this point .

I knew his personal life was falling apart .

Parents , divorce , drug abuse , and a mountain of debt .

They lived in a constant state of stress , barely holding it together .

Still , I didn't expect things to unravel the way they did .

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That night , it started like any other .

Tom was taking care of the drive thru counter .

It was around 10 when a car pulled up , music blaring , drunk passengers inside .

Welcome to McDonald's .

How can I take your order ?

Their order was a mess of slurred words and giggles .

Tom and I exchanged a look .

This was going to be a long night .

That'll be 2347 .

The driver , a guy with a baseball cap turned backwards , handed him the money , then looked at his friends and spoke something about him .

Tom kept to himself and handed them their burgers and Coke and coffee .

Hey , you got our order wrong , idiot .

Tom's eyes twitched , but he remained courteous that the order was right .

The drunk guy insisted again , and this time threw a cup of hot coffee at him .

The liquids sculpted Tom's face and he recoiled in pain , a guttural scream escaping his lips .

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The car erupted in laughter and that is when something in Tom snapped .

He turned on his heel and walked out the back door .

I froze not knowing what to do .

Moments later , I heard the unmistakable clang of the tire iron .

Tom had from the maintenance shed .

He approached the car with a look of pure unadulterated rage .

What the hell , man ?

Before anyone could react , Tom swung the tire iron connecting with the windshield .

The shop driver opened his door but as soon as he walked out the iron rod met his skull .

The sickening crunch of bone echoed through the parking lot .

Blood sprayed across the side of the car as the driver slumped lifeless against it .

Panic erupted .

The second friend , a tall lanky guy tried to run from the other side .

Tom jumped over , caught him by the collar , and smashed him head first into the window .

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Tom , stop .

He didn't .

He smashed the man's head in the glass again and again till the crack spread all over it .

The man fell with a bloodied face and then Tom picked the iron rod again and hit his head till it was smashed .

Tom's face was a mask of twisted satisfaction .

The 2 girls who were still in the car now attracted Tom's ire .

He opened the rear door of the car and tried to pull 1 out but she bit him and then proceeded to lock the door .

Tom picked up a brick , his eyes locking onto hers and then threw it twice at the window glass which refused to shatter .

They whimpered tears streaming down their face .

Please don't .

I wanted to run to get help but my legs felt like lead .

I dialed 911 .

Tom walked to the shed and returned with a can of gasoline which he poured over the car throwing the remaining 1 on the driver's seat .

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You think you can treat people like trash and get away with it ?

He struck a match and tossed it onto the car .

Flames erupted engulfing the vehicle in a roaring inferno .

The screams from inside the car were cut short as the explosion rocked the parking lot , heat searing my skin even from a distance .

Tom , why ?

But he couldn't hear me .

Sirens wailed in the distance .

Tom dropped the tire iron and got down on his knees laughing maniacally .

The police cars soon surrounded us .

Release , release , release .

He kept on uttering as a policeman handcuffed him while the others tried saving the girls .

I just couldn't stop crying .

My mind was numb upon witnessing the horror that had transpired .

Tom kept laughing like a maniac as they put him under arrest .

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The parking lot was a scene from a nightmare , bodies , blood , and the smoldering remains of the car .

I'll never forget the look in Tom's eyes .

The cold calculated fury that had driven him to madness .

It wasn't just the coffee or the insults .

No 1 truly knows what 1 goes through one's mind .

I'd always been cautious about dating apps .

But when Brock's profile popped up , there was something endearing about his awkward smile and honest bio .

We had exchanged messages for weeks , and I felt an inexplicable connection .

That's why when he asked me to dinner at McDonald's , of all places , I found it quirky rather than off putting .

I didn't know then that it would that it would be the worst night of my life .

The evening started normally .

Brock was a tall , lanky guy guy with tousled brown hair and eyes that flickered with a hint of nervous energy .

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He seemed pleasant enough , but as we waited in line , I noticed him fidgeting , glancing around like a trapped animal .

I brushed it off as first aid jitters until he saw the clown .

McDonald's had a man dressed as their mascot , Ronald McDonald , moving from table to table , greeting families .

The moment Brock's eyes landed on him , his entire demeanor changed .

He went pale and his breathing became rapid and shallow .

Are you okay , Brock ?

That clown , why did they have moving mascots ?

I I didn't understand what he meant , but I tried to calm him down .

We took our seats , but his eyes never left the clown .

He barely touched his food , mumbling under his breath , his hands trembling .

I could see sweat beads forming on his forehead .

Rock , talk to me .

What's going on ?

He's watching us , Lisa .

He's here to get you .

I have to protect you .

You were kidding .

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Right ?

1 of them had me as a child .

Never again .

No .

I thought he was joking , but his voice had a desperate edge .

When the clown approached our table , Brock's reaction was immediate and terrifying .

He lunged across the table , knocking our trays to the floor and grabbed a metal tray stand .

Stay away from her .

The clown bewildered took a step back but it was too late .

Broc swung the tray stand with all of his might striking the man in the head .

Thud .

The clown cried in pain , people screamed and parents shielded their children's eyes , but Broc didn't stop .

That is when I knew that there was something wrong in his head .

Broc , stop .

Please .

He didn't hear me .

Blood poured from the clown's head as he collapsed to the floor but Brok kept hitting him , each blow more savage than the last .

I could see the life draining from the man's eyes and it was horrific .

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People tried to intervene but Brock turned on them swinging wildly .

He grabbed a chair and smashed it over a man's back , kicked a woman who tried to pull him away , and even threw scalding hot coffee at a bystander .

2 men grabbed him from behind and offered momentary respite to the clown but Brock was strong .

He pushed his weight on 1 man and crashed him into the wall , setting himself free .

They then punched the other guy in the face knocking him out cold .

Then he looked at the bleeding clown and lunged at him sitting atop his chest and hammering punches on the poor man's face again and again .

You You're hurting people .

I tried to pull him back but his strength in that moment was monstrous .

He shoved me away and I hit the ground hard , my head snapping back .

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Pain exploded in my skull and I felt a warm trickle of blood down my neck .

I knew I had to call for help .

My vision blurred as I fumbled for my phone , dialing 911 with trembling fingers .

I didn't really hear what the operator said .

I watched Brock continue his rampage .

He had grabbed a knife and was stabbing the clown's lifeless eyes while yelling out loud .

It was beyond gruesome .

It was a nightmare come to life .

I could hear sirens in the distance , but it felt like they were taking forever .

When the police burst in Brock was still in his frenzy .

They shouted at him to drop his weapon but he didn't listen .

It took several officers to subdue him , wrestle him to the ground as he screamed about the clown coming for us .

They had to tase him twice before he finally fell down .

The aftermath was a blur of flashing lights , paramedics , and police questions .

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Newspapers later reported that Brock had been diagnosed with schizophrenia as a child .

He had a profound fear of clowns stemming from a traumatic incident .

The stress of our date and then unexpectedly seeing the mascot there must have triggered a severe psychotic episode .

This was without a doubt the worst first date anyone had ever been to in her life .

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