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2024-02-07 23:10:41

Learn the power of Scapegoating 😈😈😈. #manipulation #psychology

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You walk into work and before you can even set down your bag , your boss points at you saying the project failed because of your error .

Fix it now .

But you weren't even involved in the project .

Scapegoating is a sinister psychological tactic to divert attention from the real issues often used by manipulators to maintain a facade of innocence while hiding the real problems .

But why is this so effective ?

It leverages our innate desire for social cohesion against us .

Channeling frustration and hostility towards fabricated foes .

The narrative of Hitler blaming Jews for Germany's downturn is a chilling testament to the destructive power of scapegoating .

This is a call to everyone in these troubling times .

It's easy to simplify our problems and get caught in this trap .

Question everything and form your own opinions .

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