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2024-02-10 21:51:13

How to Get 1,000 Subscribers FASTER – My Journey to 1k

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My goal for 2023 was to reach 1000 subscribers on youtube .

But things didn't go to plan at the end of 2023 I only had 468 subscribers and was way off my target .

So I made a promise to myself that I would work harder , learn from my mistakes and make 2024 the year .

I finally hit that goal and guess what it paid off .

Big time .

Recently , my channel Mary Finance surpassed the 1000 subscribers milestone after only around one month in 2024 since I changed my youtube strategy .

In fact , my channel grew so much more than expected that even youtube acknowledged this new growth .

If you want to know exactly what I changed so that my channel was able to hit 1000 subscribers faster , then keep watching .

Now .

It's no secret that your youtube thumbnail plays a significant role in getting more views .

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If you take a look at my older videos , you'll find that the thumbnails are pretty terrible .

I didn't know it at the time , but I was setting up my videos for failure from the moment they were uploaded .

Now take a look at some of my recent thumbnails .

There is a huge difference and I only change one thing to fix this .

I looked up the topic of my video to find other people's thumbnails and simply designed my thumbnails in a similar style .

Obviously , you shouldn't just copy other people's work , but there's nothing stopping you from getting ideas for your own thumbnail .

Whenever I design a thumbnail .

Now I look for these three things , time constraint , video hook and results .

In fact , I accidentally used this method in first ever video back when I was a complete beginner on youtube .

And it quickly became one of my most watched videos on this channel here .

We can see that the time constraint can be thought of as the graph in the background .

The video hook is the honest results , text and the results is the earnings part .

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If your audience retention graph for a video looks like this , then your intros are probably not capturing viewers curiosity .

If you have limited time to work on the editing of your video , set aside most of that time to work on the intro , whether that is to add sound effects , better transitions or even an interesting story .

This is one of the main ways youtube's algorithm will decide whether to push your video or not .

I have been doing this recently and it has drastically changed the amount of subscribers .

I'm getting some people on youtube argue that the title is more important than the thumbnail .

But I think it's just as equally important .

The easiest way to come up with a winning title is to get information from youtube itself .

That is to use the research tab in your analytics to find out what people are interested in what they are searching for and content gaps .

At the moment , youtube literally gives you all the info .

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So if you are not using the research tool , you are missing out at the top of the page , there should be a section on top searches , try and include the search term in your title to rank higher in the search algorithm .

Click on the search term to find out more about what your current audience watches by doing this .

You are validating your title as well as your video topic .

This is probably one of the worst mistakes I made in my early videos .

I never had a call to action for my viewers to give you an example .

This is what a call to action looks like .

By the way , if you are new here , make sure to subscribe to my channel for more youtube tips and passive income ideas .

Did you see what I did there ?

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For best results place the call to action in the middle of your video and not right at the start now , this is probably the hardest thing to do , but probably the most rewarding uploading more videos to youtube will almost always give you more subscribers as long as the videos contain value .

There's this thing called the snowball effect , which many youtubers have mentioned .

But I just need to mention it again because it is so true .

If you upload , say two videos a week compared to one video a month , youtube will more than likely push your channel out to more people .

Consistency is hard , but it is so worth it .

So just make sure you stick to a schedule of some sort that keeps your views up now to prove to you that these tips actually work .

I'm gonna take you to my lifetime analytics .

As you can see , it's pretty clear that my channel is doing much better in terms of subscribers and views .

Since the start of the year , there have been spikes here and there .

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But because I'm making the effort upload consistently , the subscriber growth has remained steady , which in my opinion is much better than getting random spikes anyways .

I hope you learned something from this video .

If you did , I would greatly appreciate if you could give it a like and consider subscribing for more youtube content .

Also let me know in the comments if you have any tips to grow your subscriber count , see you in the next video .

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