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2024-02-10 08:35:35

how to find out if someone is lying 😈 #manipulation #psychology

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Here is a sneaky psychology trick to instantly find out if someone is lying to you , this is extremely powerful and will turn you into a human lie detector .

So be sure to follow for more first , you must watch how often they blink .

Normally humans blink 5 to 6 times a minute .

Someone who knows they are lying will blink 5 to 6 times and wrap succession .

This is where it gets juicy .

There are two main things that you need to watch their eyes and the hand that they write with .

For example , if you ask a right handed person what they have seen and they look up into the left , they are accessing their memory , which means they are not lying .

But if they look up into the right , they are accessing the creative part of their mind , which means they are creating a lie .

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