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2024-02-12 09:04:26

Psychological advice on how to win in life

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Ever felt like you're on the losing side of life's big game .

Well , not anymore .

Here's the deal .

I'm going to reveal 10 dark psychology tricks that are like cheat codes for real life , use them wisely and you'll be unlocking doors .

You never even knew existed .

Remember it's our little secret one .

The illusion of choice , wanna steer decisions , offer options that suit you no matter what they choose .

Like asking a colleague , would you rather email the report today or present it in tomorrow's meeting ?

Either way the work gets done .

Two , the echo effect mirror their language and they'll hear an echo of their thoughts in yours .

This subtle echo effect makes you seem familiar and trustworthy .

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Like when you use the same phrases as your friend and they suddenly see you as on the same page three , the halo effect first impressions are your secret weapon , nail it .

And the halo effect kicks in .

If they like one thing about you , they'll love the rest dress sharply for that first meet and watch as every word you say turns to gold in their ear or the anchoring bias throw in a high number when negotiating that's your anchor , they'll fixate on it and adjust their expectations .

Say you want a raise , start high and even the compromise will be higher than you dared hope .

Five .

The endowment effect make them feel ownership before they buy .

Let them hold the product .

Imagine owning it .

It's like letting someone test drive a car suddenly it's not just a car , it's their car .

Six commitment and consistency .

People need to stay true to their word .

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Get a small commitment and they'll stick around for more .

It's like asking for a small donation first .

They're more likely to give more later .

Seven .

The Zay Garni effect .

People remember unfinished tasks , better leave them on a cliffhanger in conversations .

A simple , I've got a story for you .

Remind me later .

We'll keep you on their mind .

H reciprocity .

Give a little , get a lot .

That's the reciprocity norm .

Buy someone a coffee and they'll feel the urge to return the favor maybe with something even bigger .

It's the psychology of I owe you 19 social proof .

People follow the herd , show them that others are doing it and they'll want in .

It's like when you see a crowd in a store , you've got to know what they're all buying , right ?

10 , the paradox of choice .

Too many choices overwhelm limit options and they'll thank you for it .

It's like a menu with three options versus 30 .

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The decision is easier and they'll enjoy the meal more

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