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2024-07-04 09:00:20

The Sodium-Potassium Ratio Should Be 4_1 – Dr. Berg On Potassium Deficiency Symptoms

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Hey , guys .

Today , we're gonna talk about potassium .

And I don't know if you knew this , but the prehistoric diet , was very high in potassium .

Currently , an average male consumes about 3 , 000 milligrams potassium .

Honestly , I think it's less than that , but these are the these are the numbers that I got .

Women , about a little more than 2 , 000 milligrams potassium , k , per day .

The RDA for potassium is 47100 .

Prehistorically , and there's limited data on this , but the data that I found ranges between 7 , 015 , 000 milligrams of potassium .

That's a lot of potassium .

Our bodies need a lot of potassium for many reasons .

1 is that each cell has a , sodium potassium pump .

So it uses a lot of those minerals to , create energy and move things around in the body .

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Prehistorically , potassium was consumed through greens , tubers and roots .

I'm gonna recommend stick with the greens and not do any type of potatoes .

But the body is very flexible with potassium .

If it has too much , it gets rid of it .

If it doesn't have enough , it does retain it .

And also when you're doing intermittent fasting , you will conserve potassium and you won't need as much .

Okay ?


But the body does hold sodium .

So what's even a little bit more important than the quantity of these minerals is the ratio of the minerals .

You need 4 times as much potassium to sodium .

An average person in America has a 1 to 4 ratio .

Very light on the potassium , very heavy on the sodium .

Not even from the foods , but from the refined carbs that deplete potassium and then hold sodium .

So when you do a high carb diet , you're holding a lot of sodium and you're and you're losing a lot of potassium .

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So you have this severe imbalance .

So when you're potassium deficient or you're on a potassium deficient diet , me meaning that you're not consuming enough vegetables , you tend to get high blood pressure and a high pulse rate eventually .

Kidney stones , insulin resistance .

1 way to improve insulin resistance is to increase your potassium .

When you have insulin resistance , you can't absorb potassium , but taking more can improve insulin resistance .

But not having enough can throw off your blood sugars big time .

Not having enough potassium can increase your risk of stroke .

1 big symptom is , fatigue and low endurance .

You go to the gym , you just don't have that vitality .

Can't last that long .

Also , it increases your risk for cardiac hypertrophy .

What does that mean ?

It means the heart actually enlarges .

When you take potassium , it actually can go to the normal size that it needs .

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The problem though when you go to your doctor and get your potassium assessed is they're looking in the blood outside the cell .

Well , only 2% of your potassium reserves are outside the cell .

98% are inside the cell .

That's why they're gonna miss it .

You have to do a special test , which is intracellular potassium .

And the way people are deficient in potassium is , they're not consuming enough of the right foods .

Okay ?

So I'm gonna show you in my book .

This book .

Okay ?

On page 122 , I listed a lot of vegetables .

Okay .

So what you're gonna notice when you read this is that most of the foods on this list are so high in potassium and so low in sodium .

It's not even the 4 to 1 ratio .

It's probably like 12 to 1 .

Okay ?

But we do need some sea salt for sure , especially when you're doing intermittent fasting and healthy ketosis .

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But the point I'm trying to bring up is that when you do ketosis , make sure you do it healthily and make sure you do foods that are high in potassium .

It just so happens though those foods are also high in magnesium .

The 2 top minerals that most people are deficient in .

Now , high sugar diets will deplete potassium .

Refined carbohydrates will deplete potassium , And stress will do it too .

So , this is why if you go through surgery , for example , they may give you some potassium in an IV beforehand or during because the high levels of stress that occur under surgery can deplete your potassium levels .

Interesting .

So anything with stress , injury , shock , surgery , you need more potassium .

And if you don't have enough in your reserve , you can have all sorts of problems .

Alright , guys .

Thanks for watching .

So if you want more knowledge on how to create a healthy body , subscribe now and get daily notifications .

Daily notifications .

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That sounds weird .

Well , I'll just remind you on a daily basis .

How about that ?

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