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2023-08-04 12:18:10

How To Create Roblox Games on Mobile

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Welcome to a Foxy tech tips , tutorial on creating Roblox games on mobile .

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It's not possible to create games using the Roblox app to do it .

Close the app and open up a web browser in the browser .

Go to roblox dot com .

Tap continue in browser .

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You'll now need to log in to your Roblox account .

If you're not already signed in now you're signed in tap the create tab from the top menu .

It will tell you that you need to use the app to continue .

But that's not true .

You just have to switch to the desktop version of the site on Safari .

Tap the A A button at the top left and then select request desktop site on Google Chrome .

Tap the three dots button at the bottom right , scroll down a bit and then you'll see request desktop site now that it loaded in desktop view , you can tap start creating tap , create new game , choose from one of the available game templates .

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You can now create your game immediately from here or you can go through the different tabs to set more options in the basic settings .

Tab , you can give your game a name , write a description and select its genre in the access tab .

You can choose which devices this game can be played on the maximum player count and server fill options , tap create game .

Once you are finished in the settings , your game will now be live .

You can enter it right away and so can your friends .

Unfortunately , there is no way of actually editing the game beyond this without Roblox studio .

And there's no way of getting Roblox studio on a mobile device and that draws an end to this tutorial .

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