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2023-08-03 15:34:09

How To Make Money Online In Nigeria With Your Phone

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Hey guys , just right here .

So in this video , I'm going to show you guys exactly how to make money from your phone in Nigeria .

So if you're Nigeria , you have a smartphone , right ?

And you're looking to make money online , this is the the best video for you to watch , right ?

So I'm gonna be using this app going to my phone screen right now to show you my earnings because uh , my approach is simple .

I try something out .

It works and I come to this channel and I show you exactly what I did so that I can do the exact same thing and get the exact same result guys , right ?

So we're gonna go to my phone screen right now and I'm gonna show you this app , we're gonna download it , step by step and download this app from Play Store .

We're gonna , I'm gonna walk you through everything and the things that you need to do to actually get started and start making money online , you know , with your phone , with your phone .

You know , you don't need a laptop , you don't need an ipad or you just need only your phone , which I agree which I , which I want to believe that you already have , right ?

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And if at any point you're getting uh value from this video , I want to encourage you to the subscribe button and the verification button , you know , so that when I drop awesome videos like this youtube will notify you that Gerard just dropped another awesome awesome video and also consider leaving a like on this video and sharing it with your friends so that they can learn this exact same thing , get this exact same concept .

And also because the plan is for us all to win together guys , that's the whole plan for us all to win together .

So let's go to my phone screen and let me show you guys how to , how you can make money online from your phone in Nigeria guys .

Let's go .

Ok .

So on the one on your phone , the first thing for you to do is to come to your um your app store .

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If you use an Android phone , just like I'm doing right now or , or if you use uh an an I OS device , what you need to do is to go to your app store .

I'm using an Android Android phone , but it works the same way for I OS .

So you just go to your Android Plays Store , right ?

You come to Plays Store right here and you search for this particular app , I'm gonna put in it , you search for PG Vest but the thing is that I know you might be tempted to click off right now , but I , I will assure you that it is not the best , it's not in your best interest to do that .

Right .

You're gonna watch you to the very end .

It's your best interest to do that .

Then I'm gonna be showing you exactly how to make money using this app .

Right .

So , I'm just gonna open it .

It's already installed on my , on my phone .

I'm gonna go , I'm going to open it and you're gonna see a balance of 316,101 100 Naira 56 right ?

Which is what I have forgotten from this .

But , but this is not even the juicy part , right ?

Because , uh , this app originally is meant for you to , to , to help you save money .

It's just like a piggy bank .

I think it was even called Piggy Bank when it started off .

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Um , but they have other packs that you can actually use to make money .

I'm gonna be showing you that right now .

So , um , yeah , but for the purpose of this tutorial , let's start from the very beginning .

So I'm just gonna go into the second part of my phone here .

I'm gonna , um , go to the Play Store , add apps , go to download from Play Store and I'm just gonna go for , go for Look for piggy vests , piggy vest , right ?

And it hit install .

This is the way to do it .

Now , if you look at the reviews for this app , you're gonna see that the reviews are amazing , right ?

This is just uh two days ago also , I had my doubts a year ago and stuff like this and blah , blah , blah .

So you see people that are actually giving this , giving amazing reviews , right ?

All five star reviews .

So that this shows that this is a good app .

So when you click open right here , this app is gonna open like this , you know , and you're gonna set it up by clicking uh uh register if you not registered yet , but I would encourage you to use the link in .

I'm gonna be telling you why because that's exactly how you're gonna be making money , right ?

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If you use register and set up an account , you are going to be losing the bonus that you , that , that are going to give you .

You just put your full name , your email address , your phone number , your password , uh your referral phone number or code .

I'm gonna be telling you how to get this for both of this .

I'm gonna leave mine in Shabo below .

So you just use it and put it here .

That means that I'm gonna be giving you 1000 naira as soon as you register .

If you use my , my , my phone number or promo code , which I've left in Shabo below .

And how did you hear about it right here ?

You're just gonna select a uh uh Instagram , youtube uh Google Search Play Store online or order you click order , right ?

And create accounts .

That's exactly how the set get your account started , you know .

So after you've done that , um I'm just , I'm just gonna go back to uh this one on my normal phone .

Yeah , this one after you've done that , you're just gonna go through a series of stuff .

You just come right here and set up .

Uh , you see my account to me , it has my name on it , uh , authentication key and everything .

Referral .

And in 2000 , this is how you make money .

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You actually make money by referring others .

When you refer people .

When they sign up with your my code right now , you're gonna get , you're gonna get 1000 for every person that you refer .

So if you refer 10,000 persons actually start using Piggy Bank as soon as they get set up , you get 1000 naira from Piggy bank , which is what I've gotten right here .

You can see referral earnings right here .

It shows that I have gotten 1000 naira from PGF .

I'm just gonna , I'm just gonna circle you just in case uh , this one , this one right here .

You see .

So because I have gotten uh uh I have referred two persons right now , so I've gotten 2000 .

Er this is , this is the pack so you can actually make 1000 error for every person that you refer .

So if you refer 10 persons that is 10,000 era , you refer 100% that is 100,000 naira , you know , and this uh app , I'm just gonna um take this off , uh take this off , ok ?

So I'm just gonna , of course , you're going to do all this and , but this app originally helps you to actually save your funds so you can actually connect your bank account to this app .

That's what I do every day .

They take 1500 na from my account and I've been using this since last year .

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So it's , it's amazing because I've never had issues with them .

You can actually withdraw your money anytime you want , you know , any time you want , you can withdraw it .

So it helps you uh impact this savings culture .

So this is savings right here .

Piggy Bank .

I have to run for 10,000 naira from Piggy Piggy Bank and I can withdraw money or I can on the 31st .

Now , if you look at all my uh all my OK .

It's this one .

You see , they said they've been taking 15 from , from my account every blessed day .

They take 15 from my account .

They can actually leave you more .

Then if you want to withdraw , you just come here and hit uh withdraw .

Now , if my my next withdrawal date is on the 31st of December .

If I withdraw before this day they are gonna take just , I think 10% of whatever it is that I'm , I'm withdrawing .

Right .

So , I it's , it's always advisable to set your withdrawal date before you do it .

And that is not the only thing that they have also have total investment flex dollar account , you know , flex naira and all this .

Right ?

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So , but what I want you to take home from this is just use the link below , set up your account and PG right now , you know , um you can just put , put in maybe like a 1000 naira in there or 1 , 1000 naira in there or something , just put it there or you can , you can set up to take 100 naira from your account every day just to help you embed the savings culture , right ?

Or there's money you want to use in Christmas for your Christmas activity and everything you can actually start doing it right now .

So um yeah , they can now start referring your friends to join PV , right ?

For every person that you refer , they give you 1000 naira .

That is awesome .

That is wonderful .

You get 1000 naira , the person that you referred also gets 1000 naira .

So if you refer 1000 persons , you're good .

That's , that's , that's , that's 1 million naira , right ?

That's the easiest one millionaire you're ever going to make in your life .

So yeah , that's exactly how to make money from your phone in Nigeria guys .

Uh If you've gotten any value from this video , let me know in the comments section .

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And also if you have any questions about PV or just you're not clear about something , I just explain , let me also know in the comment section and I'll consider make um uh you know , like answering you right there or we can take this conversation off youtube and talk about some more guys .

So yeah , that's it guys .

That's exactly how to make money from your phone in Nigeria guys until I see my next video .

Keep winning and don't forget that Jara does love you guys .

Bye .


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