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2023-08-05 08:52:44

Create PayPal Account Without a Credit Card _UPDATE 2023

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In this video , I'm gonna show you how you can create a paypal account without linking your credit card .

So I've made a video about this before , but in this video , I just wanted to do an update and give you some more information about how this works and what you can actually do with your account because I a lot of questions about that .

But before that , I'm going to show you how to actually sign up without linking a card .

So you want to go to paypal um depending on the country , this might look different , but you always want to click on sign up , which will be at the top right corner .

Now , next up , you're gonna choose whether you want a personal account or a business account .

So if you have a business , then you would have to do business account .

But chances are you don't because otherwise um you wouldn't be watching a video about how you can make a paypal account without linking a credit card .

So choose personal account and click on next and you can then enter your information .

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So you need to come up with an email address , your first name last name and you need to create a password .

So right now for the uh for the sake of this video , for educational purposes only , I'm gonna create an account and I'm just gonna blur the information for you guys .

OK ?

There we go .

Now , once you've got this set up , you want to click on continue .

Once again , I'm gonna blur the info .

Now , next up , you need to come up with your post code , your flat number , which is optional , your address , town and city and date of birth and also your mobile phone number .

Um If you want to link that , which is also what I'm gonna do right now and then you would have to do that as well .

Once you've got all of that set up , you wanna click on the agree and create account right there .

Once again , I'm gonna blur the screen but it's loading .

Ok .

Next up , they're gonna ask you , what would you like to do next shop with paypal or send money ?

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Now right there , you can click on add a car to use later or you can just click on get started right here , for example , just add your card to shop , right ?

So they're gonna ask you for your card .

But if you ignore that and remove the URL and just go to paypal dot com , you should still be signed in and there you go .

So right now I do have a paypal account and I've not linked any credit cards .

So it , it's definitely possible to open um a paypal account without a card .

Now , next up , you can add a card or bank account .

So I'm assuming that most of you will have a bank account , you can then click right there to add a debit card or a bank account .

So if you have a bank account , you can do that .

If you also don't have access to a bank account , all you can do is have friends send money to you on paypal .

So you would have a paypal email , which is the same email you use to sign in .

If friends send you money .

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Now , please make sure that there's not like $500 or $1000 because if you have an account without any verification , you won't , you won't be able to receive a lot of money , but you can still use this account to shop at stores where they're not gonna ask for your credit card information .

Now , I can tell you which one , which ones those are because it's gonna be different for every single store .

So depending on where you're shopping , it might work or it might not work because some , some stores do actually um ask for credit card information .

But like I said , a lot of them don't , so this will work for stores where they don't ask for your credit card info .

But this is pretty much how you can create a paypal account without adding a credit card , you can link your bank account if you want to and you can just shop if people send you money .

Um But yeah , that's pretty much it .

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If you guys enjoyed the video , make sure you go ahead and leave a like and comment down below if you have any questions and then I'll see you next time .

Have a good day .

If this video helped you out , please consider subscribing to my channel to help me grow the largest how to channel on youtube .

I appreciate it .


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