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2023-08-05 10:24:00

How to Download Apps on Mac 2020

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Hey , everyone .

This is Andrew from Tech Talk today .

I'm gonna be talking about how to download apps on your Macbook .

So if you are not downloaded to the newest Macbook , things might look a little bit different for you .

But for those of you downloaded to the newest Mac , this is our newest tutorial on how to download apps on your Macbook .

Make sure that you check out all of our other videos that we have on tech .

Talk for all of your different Mac questions .

So today let's learn how to download some apps .

So the first thing you're gonna do is you're gonna go to your app store .

So mine is down here in my bar .

You might have to come over to applications if you don't have it saved here .

But mine is over here on the app store .

So we're gonna open that up .

This will take a second to open .

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Now , if you know exactly what you'd like to download , you can go ahead and you can search that or you can look at some of the apps that , that they are kind of promoting right here .

All the different things right here .

Some editors' choices , stuff like that .

And you can see on the side here , we've got a bunch of different free apps and the top grossing apps and so on and so forth .

So let's just go ahead and download one that we don't have .

So we're going to download the Kindle app .

So when you find the app that you'd like to download , you're gonna come over and you're gonna select , get , once you've hit , get , it's gonna ask you if you want to install the app .

So we're gonna go ahead and hit install app and you'll see that it's installing .

So once it's installed , you'll see that it says open right here .

So we're going to select open .

What this will do is this will pull up the Kindle App .

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So if you'd like to know where your apps are saved , they will automatically download to your applications folder , which I have mine right here .

If you don't have yours right here , let's open your finder .

So you'll see , I have mine right here .

The applications folder .

But if you don't have yours right here , you can go to your Mac and you'll see it right under applications .

So that pulls up all the different apps that you have .

So we're gonna look here for our Kindle app and you'll see that it's downloaded right here .

So you can also select this and it will open that way .

So now that you have the app open , you can save this down here .

So it's right here when you want it by selecting right click options and keep in doc .

If you'd rather not have it in your doc , you can unselected that .

You can also open it at login if you'd like the Kindle App to open as soon as you open the computer .

So it's as simple as that for downloading apps , you can download as many apps as you'd like .

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And it's as simple as just going into the app store .

I hope this video was helpful .

If it was , you can go ahead and hit that like button .

You can also hit the subscribe button .

So you don't miss any of our other videos on tech talk .

Thanks and have a great day .


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