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2023-08-03 15:39:43

How to Create a Rule in Outlook to Always Move Emails from Inbox to Specific Folders _ Outlook Tips

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Hello , everyone .

Welcome back to my YouTube channel .

In this video , I'm showing how to create a rule in outlook to move emails from inbox to some other folders .

So I just opened my outlook application , and you can see the inbox here .

I'm already in the inbox , and I just want to create for for test stream purpose .

I just want to create a rule to move all Facebook emails to a particular folder .

So just do one thing .

We can create a folder on an inbox directly or we can while creating the rule so you can do it .

So I'm not creating a folder under the inbox right now .

I'll just create a rule .

Uh , Then I will add the folder on the inbox .

So right , click on the email that you wish , for example .

I'm going to move .

As I told you , I'm going to move all emails from Facebook .

I need a rule to move facebook emails to that particular folder .

So right , click on this one .

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And , uh , when you after you right click , you can see options of options here .

So there is a rule section here , so you can always move message from Facebook directly .

We will create it manually to have what we need to create for the as well .

So we will go with a creal option under the , um , under the rule section .

So I'm going to click on Create rule , and here I have a window like this .

So I need to check this one from Facebook and subject contain .

I just want to remove all this stuff , because whatever subject , I don't care .

I just need to move all from Facebook sent to I can , uh , choose me only Or Shamir .

Mohammed .

Whatever .

Because it doesn't change anything .

Me only means it's , uh , my account only .

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So if you have multiple accounts , it will consider I have only one account , So I'm gonna keep as it is and display in the new alert items Alert window .

You can choose this option if you want to get an alert window for the new items .

I need this one .

Uh , if I if I want to really want to see that particular message and if you want to play selected sound , you can do it .

I don't want it on this one .

Move items to this folder inbox so right now , everything is coming in the inbox , so I don't want this to come in the inbox .

So I need to select a folder , click on select folder and under the inbox .

As I told you , I have an option to create a new folder here , so I'll give a name here .

FA CE BOOK Facebook .

So it will create a folder under the inbox .

And also , you can see here .

Uh , because maybe this one is blocking .

There is a folder created already under the inbox .

You can see here , I'll show you that one .

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Anyway , So Facebook is chosen and click on OK .

And let's if I want to move all the existing emails from , uh , Facebook into the inbox right now , I'll just , uh , go to the advanced option and click on next .

OK , so just we are verifying this one .

Display a specific message in the new items or windows , stop processing models to the specified folder and click on next here .

Also , I don't want to change anything .

I will keep it as it is .

We have a lot of customising options here .

We will give it as it is , click on next and here .

We have run this rule now on messages already in the inbox .

So the messages or emails in the inbox right now will also be moved to the new folder that we have created .

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Um , specify the name of this word Facebook crawl , suppose Facebook rule and turn on this rule .

You need to make sure these two options are there .

If you don't want to move the existing emails , you can uncheck this one .

But I know I need this rule to move everything to that particular folder .

After I have done this one , I just click on finish option so you can see here It's moving one by one , all the Facebook emails that I have received to that particular folder I have created .

Great .

Uh , not only the existing emails , the future emails will also be moved to the Facebook folder .

So you can see here everything from Facebook is moved to the particular form .

So tomorrow , if I'm getting a new email , it will also be moved to this particular folder .

After processing the or initially , it will come to the inbox , of course .

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So the outlook is performing the action to move the move the items to the particular folder based on the rules .

But if you're using , if you're not opening the outlook and if you're just using the normal Gmail Web log in , then the process the rules will not be there unless you have created a role in your , um , Gmail settings .

Global settings .

So great , uh , I can see here the status of synchronisation .

It's already synchronising everything .

So maybe depending on your , uh , inbox size and number of emails from particular centre , it will take some time to send all the emails to move all the emails to that particular folder .

That's fine .

You just need to wait .

Uh , you just need to wait for it to finish .

Uh , finally at the end , after the synchronisation , everything will be moved to that particular I believe this video was helpful to you guys .

Thank you for watching .

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Take care .



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