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2023-08-05 08:54:59

How to download and use Netflix or YouTube on a old iPad two or three

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So you got an old ipad two or three and you can't download Netflix on your , um , on your old ipad because it says it's not compatible or won't update .

I'm gonna show you guys how to do it quick and easy .

What you need to do is download it on your , say your iphone seven or your iphone six on your phone on that icloud account , like on your cell phone or a home desktop once you do that and then you sign into your icloud account on your um kids ipad two or three .

What you would do is go to the app store and go to purchased apps and then download it that way because then it thinks that that icloud is on this and it's capable of taking it as you could see .

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It is now downloading it and I'm gonna , once it's done downloading , I'm gonna show you guys that it does work and you should be all set as far as like that because it won't let you do that or the other way to do youtube .

You don't have to do what I just told you as far as Netflix , you can go to Safari and then go to youtube that way and then save it to your desktop under .

There's an option over there .

Let me show you we're gonna go to Safari .

Wait , go back .

Here's what you're gonna do to get youtube Safari and then you're gonna close this out .

What we have or what are you doing ?

Adding it .

We're gonna go to youtube , we're gonna type it in to show you guys this step by step .

Once you get youtube , you could save the icon on your desktop as um what is that called ?

Like it just saves it .

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I think we'll show you guys once it downloads on your um and look for youtube , then what you're gonna do is go ahead show everybody you touch that button there and then it says add to home screen , hit the plus sign , add and there you go , you got the icon on there .

Can we show everybody it works ?

So then what you're doing is going to youtube through Safari instead of downloading it from the app store and that's it .

I just want to show you guys that it does work .

We hit the Netflix .

Is this an ipad two or three to prove it ?

It's got the old charging port right there and it's on there and this is how you get it on there , loading , loading , there it goes .

So you got Netflix and that's how easy it is .

You don't need to upgrade to the newer ipads , they are still capable of playing Netflix and youtube and stuff like that .

You just got to know what you're doing and this video helps you do that .

So please give me a thumbs up at the end and thanks for playing it .

There you go guys .

So thanks for watching .

Have a good day .


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