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2023-08-04 12:28:07

How To Download A Web Page and View it Offline

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how to download a webpage and view it online .

The first thing you'll need to do is open up your browser and then navigate to the Web page that you'd like to save .

The webpage that I'll be saving today is WWW dot tesla dot com slash cybertruck .

I'm downloading this Web page simply because I really like how futuristic it looks .

So I'm just going to give you a quick tour of how the Web page looks like .

And there you go .

That's the entire Web page that we'll be saving today .

So to save this webpage , all you need to do is right .

Click any out on the Web page , so I'm just going to right click here , and then you should see a couple of options .

The option that you need to pick is save as left click on this , and then a new window will open .

So by default it will be saving it in my Downloads folder in chrome downloads , and that's where I'm going to save it to .

You'll now need to pick a file name for your Web page .

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I'm just going to leave it as default cybertruck underscore Tesla , and then the save as type needs to be webpage complete .

You also have the option to save HTML only and a single file .

But remember , we want to save the entire web page .

So we're going to go with webpage complete left , click on it to select it .

And then all that's left to do is click save left .

Click on this , and then your web page will begin downloading and saving to your device .

All right , guys , the download is complete .

It was very quick .

Now all you need to do is navigate to the bottom left hand corner , click this arrow here and then click show in folder to view the website files you just downloaded .

So , as you can see , we have a HTML file here and all the files that make up the webpage .

I'm just going to double click on this .

Let me just click on this thumb button here just to show you what it looks like .

So as you can see , there we go .

We've got all the images , et cetera .

So to view it , all you need to do is actually double click on this html document .

But just to prove to you that it actually is viewable offline .

I'm going to disconnect my Internet real quick , so I'm just going to navigate to the bottom right hand corner .

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I'm going to left click on my WiFi symbol here , and then I'm going to click on Disconnect .

There we go , guys .

We're not currently connected to any network now .

And now let's attempt to view our web page offline .

So I'm just going to double click on the HTML document here and there we go .

Guys , we've got two tabs open .

The first tab is the online version , and the current tab that we're viewing right now is the HTML file and all the file contents of the website we just downloaded .

So , as you can see , the file path is actually the file path of the website that we just saved .

And now let's give you a quick tour of the offline website real quick .

So there we go .

We've got the nice front view of the Tesla cyber truck .

And then if I continue scrolling down , you can see it's basically the same as the online website .

Let's see if the GIF is displayed .

Yeah , even the GIF is working .

All right , guys that just proves to you that this method does work .

Thank you very much for watching .

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I'll see you on the next video , guys .


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