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2023-08-05 08:54:14

How To Create Read Only Channels on Discord Mobile - 2021

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Hey guys , welcome to another gaging gadgets , Discord tutorial video .

In this video , I'm gonna show you how to create a read only text channel on your Discord server from the Discord mobile app , either on your iphone or your Android phone .

Following the steps in this tutorial will prevent users that have the at everyone roll from leaving a message in one of your text channels .

All right .

So to get started , the first thing we need to do is simply open up the server where we want to make one of the channels read only , then go up to the top next to the server name and select the three horizontal dots to open the menu and then in the menu , go down and select the gear for settings .

Once the server settings open , go down and select channels and then in the channels , you just have to select the channel that you want to make read only .

So for me , that's test two that will open up the channel settings for that channel from here .

All we need to do is go down until we find channel permissions , go ahead and open that up .

And then in the permissions go to advanced view .

Once you have advanced view open under rules , select , add everyone .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And then in here , all we need to do is scroll down until we get to text channel permissions .

And we need to turn off some of these permissions .

So the first one we're going to turn off is send messages , make sure you select the X for that one and then keep scrolling down and you want to turn off the bottom one right here that says send text to speech messages .

So select the X next to that and then you're done , we can back out , close the settings , go back to the channel and now your channel is read only if after performing the steps in this video , people are still able to leave a message on that channel .

It's probably because you have another role on your server that is giving them that access .

So what I recommend doing is either removing that role from the user or edit the permissions on that role so that they cannot leave messages in your read only channel .

All right .

So that's how you create a read only channel on Discord Mobile .

If you have any questions about this , leave a comment below , I'll get back to you as soon as I can .

If you'd like to see more Discord tutorial videos , check the links in the description .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

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Thank you so much for watching .


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