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2023-08-03 15:23:59

I Tried It ChatGPT How I made $5,792 in 1 Week Make Money With ChatGPT

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You just need to know if they are available in your country and so on .

So on this video , I will share with you some good surveys which are available in South Africa and many different parts of the world .

Unfortunately , I didn't do a lot of research to know which countries .

Exactly .

But I know these ones are available in South Africa because I've performed them and also they have already paid to this video to find out what they are , how you can sign up and you know what potential there is on each of these .

So if you're new to the platform , welcome to my channel .

My name is Quinn Mamani .

Here I share different methods , different ideas , strategies , ways , websites , apps and different ways of making money online .

So if you want to learn that and more , ensure to give this video a like that's all I'm asking from you guys .

I will continue doing my research and bringing you relevant content from this channel , please like this video .

If you are new to the platform .

Welcome .

My name is Quin Mama .

Like I've said , I share different methods , ideas , strategies and ways of making money online .

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So it gives you more opportunities depending on what's currently happening in the world .

So during Christmas , there were lots of games to accumulate more points on the website .

I'm going to just play today .

Spin the wheel just to see if I will get to earn any points .

And just like that , I've just earned 10 , 80 points , 80 extra points on today .

So this is something you can do on a daily basis to accumulate more points .

So the second thing you can do is to answer different polls .

It does happen on certain days that you don't find any polls to answer .

But most of the time you'll find different polls .

So this is where they will ask you different simple questions based on what's happening in the world .

Here's an example of a poll which they currently have on the site .

So when you answer a poll , every time you answer a poll , you will be given 15 points .

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So all you have to do is to click and say vote and then you have to go ahead and read all the information uh that is being asked on the poll so that you give an honest feedback and answer .

So in my case , I know what's already happening with this answer , that is my vote .

So it doesn't matter what uh what you vote based on your honest opinion , they are going to still credit you with 15 points and this can happen on a daily basis .

The last way you can accumulate more points on this website without doing surveys is to invite friends .

So you'll see that under your profile name , there is a link which they've already prepared for you , which has got your profile name .

So this is a link which you need to copy .

This is a link which you need to copy and share it with friends and people online whenever someone comes and sign up to , to and successfully complete a survey .

They are going to pay you 500 100 points for every successful and completed survey from a person who you have invited .

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Let us look in my case , how much I've made on this site .

So now we are on my rewards page because I joined this website in 2020 in June .

I'm just going to filter from the beginning of June to date .

So what you'll do is at the date range , you'll select your start date and your end date .

So my end date will be today's date .

So click show to filter all the results .

So as you can see , I've so far earned 400 rands with tona influencers and they've paid onto my paypal account .

The reason why it's 400 rands is because this one is still processing .

This is an amount which I redeemed on the 24th of February .

So if you ask me to Luna influencers is a legit service site which pays in South Africa .

Now let us go and look at the second service site which pays in South Africa .

The second service side is this service site called pro .

So you'll find prolific on prolific dot co .

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So that's a little curious , we'll say , OK , and in this video , the original video , he doesn't really say how he made the money .

He doesn't talk about the affiliate program .

He used , he doesn't talk about the number of views or really anything .

So it left a lot to be desired .

But I gave it a try anyway , because I try and help where I can .

So with that red flag Usman Sadiq , nowhere to be found on medium .

I went ahead and I wrote the article , I grabbed my affiliate link for John Chris's course , I put it in the article and I posted both to Cora as well as medium now before I reveal my results .

How do you think I did ?

I posted this about uh probably about 17 , 18 hours ago while you may think that's quick .

I've been able to rank blog posts and 12 hours .

Uh If you look at my website austin god dot com , I have a number of blogs that were ranked within 12 hours .

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The total amount which I've earned with prolific is £33.80 .

So far with all the amounts which we are awaiting review , I've never had any rejection .

So how it works is you perform a study or survey ?

Once you complete it , they're going to review your study , your answers or your participation of that study .

And then they're going to credit your amount , which you've made all of these ones which are high in green are all the studies which were approved .

Now , studies where they pay me £1.25 and studies where I have uh done five minutes or even less .

So , the great thing about this site is the surveys are not lengthy , they are not boring , they are engaging , they are interactive .

The amount which you spend doing a study on this website is relatively low .

They've already paid me onto my paypal account .

So this survey site or this study side is definitely available in South Africa and it's definitely legit .

Now let us check out survey site .

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Number three , the third legit survey site that's available in South Africa is called survey time .

This website has paid me both as an affiliate and also for doing surveys .

So when I started out , I was doing different surveys daily on this site .

So how it works is they will pay you a dollar for each successfully completed survey .

And the great thing about this survey site is that they pay you instantly .

So you don't have to wait and wonder when your points will be credited or when you will be paid your money , uh , through that survey because they pay you immediately .

I joined survey time in 2019 and have not left it since because it is a very legit website and they've paid me onto my paypal account as well as in be Bitcoin .

Here , you do have different payout options like being paid on to paypal , uh being paid on to your Bitcoin wallet , being paid as an Amazon gift card as a target gift card and so on .

So they keep on adding different kinds of payout method .

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I've said this before and I'll say it again before you just do anything , a person on youtube suggests that you do make sure that you are looking at the terms of service to make sure that you are compliant .

Uh Make sure that you are reading through and not just doing whatever people tell you to do because it could be a violation , do your own research because you want to be thorough .

All right .

So that is Cora , Cora , my post got deleted within eight minutes with medium .

If we take a look now , medium's rules are a little confusing .

Um If we just search affiliate marketing .

OK ?

So here we are .

So it says you must disclose affiliate links such as link out to Amazon with your code or any other link where you will receive a commission or other value are allowed .

So you can put affiliate links in medium , but you must disclose somewhere in the post that it includes affiliate links if you have received payment goods or services or something else of value in exchange for writing a post .

So you have to say that you're an affiliate in this bullet point .

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But on this video , I won't be showing you how much they paid me doing service on this side .

If you want to see that information and sure to check out the video , which I will leave for you on the description box down below .

I'm going to show you how much they've paid me as an affiliate for this site .

So how it works is you promote this website to different people .

So when they sign up and they successfully complete surveys and , and that dollar , you are also going to be paid a dollar for referring these people onto their website so everyone can join and become an affiliate for this website .

I became an affiliate for this website in April of 2020 .

I'm still an affiliate for this side .

So as you can see today is the first of March and the pending amount which they are supposed to pay for my affiliate promotions or effort is $16 .

So , so far they've paid me $93 onto my paypal account just by promoting this website .

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So this is another legit survey site that is available in South Africa that you need to check out .

So now we're going to look at the very last survey site for this video .

Let's go .

Another survey site is this one called Super Pay Me .

So I signed up or resigned up to this site in January .

So the first time that I signed up , I didn't get to do anything on this survey site .

I just wanted to see if it's a legit website because I've seen online , a lot of people are making a lot , lot , lots , lots of money with this site .

So I decided to promote it and just to invite people to get to know this site and to get to do some different activities on this side .

So what you can do here is you do different surveys , but they also have different offer walls where you get to watch different adverts .

And you know , they also have uh a referral system .

They also have different contests where you get to win points , which you can then convert into cash .

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So this website pays out $1 .

So they have a very low minimum uh payout threshold of $1 .

So as soon as you have $1 you can cash out onto your paypal account .

So , so far they've paid me $4.68 in like the one month which I've been on the platform .

So , yes , I did do a survey which paid me like 50 cents on the site .

The rest of the money is through referrals .

So , as you can see so far , I've had 67 referrals .

It is a legit side .

Yes , I've received the amount onto the paypal account and transferred on to my bank account .

So it is a legit side .

They do have a lot of different , uh , offer walls .

And I believe that if you give attention to this uh survey site , you get to make some money , not a lot of money , you get to make some money .

But if you want to maximize your earnings , ensure to refer others to use this website .

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So this applies to all this sites which I've mentioned here today in as much as they are legit , they're not going to pay you thousands of dollars every single day .

So you need to make sure that you find different ways to maximize your earnings and doing referrals or letting other people who would like to earn through service know about these different websites is going to help you in getting more points which you can then , uh , redeem for , for cash or whatever you want , whether it's gift cards and so on .

So these are the legit survey sites in South Africa .

These are the ones you can check out .

And yeah , do , let me know in the comments section .

If you've had an encounter with any of these survey sites , how has your experience been , um , have you been scammed ?

Have you received any amount ?

Have you been paid ?

Is it encouraging ?

I would really love to know what you think about this survey site and I believe there's great potential only if you have the time and you put the effort into making money through that ?

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I'm not sure what that's about , but yes , so the original video as currently constructed will not help you make money .

What will help you make money if you want to use Cora answer the questions but send people to a Cora approved platform which is a landing page or bridge page , um your blog or website or a youtube video .

OK .

That's the right way to do affiliate marketing .

If you don't do it , that way you're going to run it into some issues now that you know that this side hustle or this side hustle video doesn't work .

Click the first link in the description for free affiliate marketing planners .

Those planners are going to help you plan and organize your affiliate marketing business so that you can earn more commissions and make sales .

Watch this video next because youtube says it will help you grow your online business .


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